people of mainz! people of mannheim!

I have been excited about this weekend for months. Excited because tonight (Friday the THIRTEENTH, *insert spooky ghost noises here*) we (Black Diamond Express Train to Hell) are playing a show with the lovely Phoebe Kreutz at Ventil Verlag—Boppstraße 25 in the back courtyard.

Phoebe gets down anti-folk style, usually just her, her guitar, and her hilarious lyrics. Her number one top best hit ever is a song called “Straight Edge Kids Really Freak Me Out,” but I couldn’t find it on youtube, so here another hilarious song that she wrote about her ass. And anyway all her songs are great.

On Saturday you’ll find us in Mannheim on the stage at Bock. We’re the only band of the evening, so we’re going to do a really, really, really long set with all the slow songs we leave out at the punk shows we always seem to end up playing.

And while we’re here, lookie lookie, we have a new website, On it there are pictures and flyers and longs lists of places where we’ll be appearing in the near future. Tragically, however, we still haven’t gotten the mp3 player up and running, so if you want to sample our tunes, you’ll have to visit the miserable myspace site that we just can’t wait to delete. Speaking of which, anyone out there who can help us with the damn mp3 player? We’ll send you a CD in payment…

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  1. Hahahahha! Thanks for posting this video. Great song! 😀

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