people of frankfurt!

Tonight I will be doing a Click Clack Gorilla reading at Raumstation Rödelheim. Then Margaret Killjoy, the editor of Mythmakers and Lawbreakers will talk about Anarchism in Literature. There will be witty cartoon “slides.” (Fuck projectors. Long live hand written posters on the back of other, older posters.) I am too disorganized to be sure, but I think it will begin around 8 pm.

This is where I ask you for advice

I still haven’t decided what I will read tonight. (Probably two or three peices from the first paper issue of Click Clack Gorilla and/or the website.) So if you have a favorite bit (or subject), I’m taking requests. Leave them in the comments, even if you won’t be able to make it tonight.

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  1. hey, enjoy your writing and your love of trash. Found this website you might be interested in, perhaps you’ve already heard of it:

    you might also be interested in Possum Living- a book written in the 70’s by an 18 year old girl on how to live on very little money.

    Thanks again for your writing.

  2. Thanks Blecky. I’ll have to check out that website. Coincidentally, I just ordered that book a few days ago. “Possum Living”: what a great title.

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