people of cologne! people of mühlheim (am ruhr)!

We are coming to your city to play for you! Lalalalalalala!

Black Diamond Express Train to Hell

Pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong at the last minute did. Our dobro player is at home in bed with his face rotting off because of an infection that could blind him if he doesn’t take care of it. The CD artwork came back fucked and needed to be reinvented with stuff we already had around late last night. And the master still isn’t finished.

But we are coming to sing for you all the same! We have new scavenged, limited-edition art! We have a half-mastered CD that sounds pretty damn decent all the same! In a completely different way than expected, it will all work out and we will sing canons in the car and make up funny songs about ourselves on the ukulele.

So come see us play this weekend. The Cologne show is even free of charge.

PASTOR CASTOR FESTIVAL (vorstadtprinzessin, köln-kalk, friday, april 16, we’re playing at 9 pm sharp, festival starts at 6 pm)

AZ-MÜLLERHAUS (mühlheim, saturday, april 17, 19 o’CLOCK!)

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  1. Oh damn, I thought I had you on my rss feed and didn’t … and now I see you were in my town. Sheisse! Next time you come ’round, though, let me know and we’ll hit up a vegan space or two.

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