peopel of düsseldorf! appelscha! bochum!

The Hell Train is on the move again. So if you like whiskey, bluegrass, washboards, and stomping, come on over and say hello. Here’s where you’ll be able to find us this weekend (with at least one new song in tow):

Friday, June 10: Hinterhof Linkes Zentrum / Düsseldorf, Germany
Saturday, June 11: Pinksterlanddagen Festival / Appelscha, Holland
Sunday, June 12: Wageni / Bochum

As we still haven’t got the mp3 player up and working on our website, here’s a video of one of our newer songs by way of a preview. This time around Banana Box Boy wrote the text, and it’s an ode to how fucked up organized religion can be, especially in large parts of Africa. Feel free to skip over the bits where we ramble on about how we’ve invented our own church in protest. Our only ritual so far being no-pants bowling. Ehem. Here’s the video.

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  1. I am curious about the rules of no pants bowling. Color me intrigued….

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