our tractor

On Monday a reader named Dave requested a few full shots of our tractor. So here you go, Dave. Enjoy.

This is the vehicle that we use to pull the trailers around, as well as what we just used this morning to haul a bunch of tree bits off to the tree bits trash on the back of (in a tractor trailer of course).

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  1. Gotta say – the tripped out vortex privacy feature is totally rad. So much better than black boxes, blur or pixels… =D

  2. This is a Deutz, the farmer’s Volkswagen, an old, proven model still in operation all over Germany. We have one as well.
    Hold on to it. It will increase in value as it grows older.

  3. i love it-here in the youess it would be the envy at tractor shows. I think an old barbie doll sitting on the hood/radiator cap would make it smile. oh…and great talk on the insurance-i am an uninsured living simply in the city heating w/wood shopping at Dumpster Dive

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