one tiny door closes, another tiny door opens

Remember how we needed a third Wagen, and found one?  (Pictures here.)  How I had all these building plans that you never heard about again?  Yeah.  Cough cough.  Wolf!  Wolf wolf wolf!

Turns out that organizing all the banal daily shit—eating and keeping Baby Pickles happy and cared for, getting to work on time,  shit just remembering to brush my teeth and trying to get enough sleep to remain functional—is about all I can handle.  When assigned the task of getting a third Wagen to our land, which would have involved coordinating at least four people, I failed.  It was too much.  The folks where the new Wagen was sitting wanted it out.  We wanted it here.  I couldn’t get it organized.  It was stressful.  The new Wagen began to feel like a curse.  It started to really bother me that we had maybe paid a little too much.  It started to really bother me that we were still going to have to do a bunch of work on it once we got it home.

So we sold it.


To the guy who wanted to buy it when we bought it in the first place, in fucking January.

He’s very happy about it.

We got our money back to the penny.

I’m sure a ton of people think we’re total idiots.

Oh well.

The whole situation was draining me of so much energy, making me feel so shitty on a regular basis.  I thought, well, I’ll get rid of this fucking thing that is taking up so much space in my head, and then maybe there will be space for something else.  Something better for us, more fitting.  And that is exactly what happened.

We have this friend.  She lived in a Wagen.  But she kind of moved away.  It wasn’t really concrete for a long time.  We sold the Cursed Wagen.  Several days later she wrote me and was like “do you guys need a Wagen?  I have one I need to get rid of.” Holy fuck!  I love her Wagen.  It is fucking awesome, and just the right size, and doesn’t need any work, and is small enough that a friend could pull it with his little truck (thus eliminating the need to coordinate so many people to get it here).  Holy holy fuck!  We’re still talking about it, and I won’t believe it until it is parked here, but guys!  Maybe a new absolutely perfect Wagen that exactly fits our needs and will always remind me of my awesome friend!  Yes yes yes!

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  1. Yup, that’s how the universe tends to work. You identified the other wagen as a source of stress, you rid yourself of that stress and restored balance again. Sounds as if this deal is likely to come to completion. Lookin’ forward to see more pix. Those exterior designs are crazy gorgeous.

  2. FVM: Exactly. Gut feeling for the win.

    Gilliane: And again, exactly! When we sold the other one I was thinking that it would allow for another door to open, and then it happened so fast it was pretty crazy. About to telephone with said friend to arrange the details. I can’t wait to share more pics. It is beautiful inside. We will just have to add our own kitchen touch. Which my mind is already busy doing every spare minute.

  3. how great!! it’s not very often that things work out so well. am very glad for you. really admire your lifestyle. have u heard of Ken Ilgunas? he lived in a van so he could attend Duke grad school without going into debt. I feel you are kindred spirits. He also blogs and has recently published a book, walden on wheels

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