A DJ for the End Times

Gramophone DJ in Switzerland

This summer I saw a lot of road. Roads in Switzerland, roads in Sweden, roads in Holland and in Germany, and a hell of a lot of roads in Ireland and France.  On tour with my band, Battenkill Ramblers, and The Corn Potato String Band, we spent three weeks driving and singing, singing and driving.  But this guy. I will never forget this fucking guy.

Up in the fog-horned Swiss mountains, we played an anniversary show for a gorgeous collective farm called Cernievillers. The food was decadent and delicious in the way that only whole, fresh foods are. The people were friendly and kind and welcoming, their farm took my breath away, there were enormous balloon jars full of fresh ice tea and elderberry syrup, and this guy opened for us. That’s right. DJ Gramophone. Stoic, serious, DJ Gramophone. Love.  When the world ends, this is who you’ll be calling to play music at your party.

PS No, there are not 1000 words in this post. I’ve got a lot of moments to catch up on here at Click Clack Gorilla, and I thought I’d start doing it by featuring a photo once a week or so.  And we all know what a photo is worth, right?  RIGHT?!?

PPS Comments were locked up tight when the site relaunched (oops), but we fixed that, so by all means comment away.  I’ve missed you guys.

4 Comments on “A DJ for the End Times

  1. Whaaat? You were in Sweden? Where, when and why didn’t anyone tell me?! Ah well, hope I can catch you next time. 🙂

  2. Rachel: I get all drooley just thinking about the things we ate there. Mmmm.

    Paula: It was all about the attitude really. He dressed up in a trench coat and sunglasses and was just really perfeclty theatrical about the whole thing. He would put on a record and then stand there with his arms folded looking cooling than any fool with a pile of cables and buttons to push ever has or will. The music was lovely swing and the like from the 20s. I don’t have his playlist unfortunately.

    Lina: Stockholm, then Torshaker. Then a hell of a lot of driving to get back home. Sorry I missed ya! Gaaar! I will do better announcing these things on here in the future, now that CCG is back in action and all.

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