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By extension, the true condition of the USA is too depressing to think about, and that’s largely the reason for our political paralysis. The “fiscal cliff” is only one step on a stairway to a different disposition of things, a world made by hand, in which we will no longer be prisoners of the freeway or hostages of the WalMart corporation, and I’m in favor of hastening the journey to get there rather than waste what remains of our wealth and spirits in futile rear-guard actions to stay where we are. There may be fewer frenzied days of Christmas shopping in that future world, but the company will be better, and the music will include the sound of your own voice.

-James Howard Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation

Yes, hastening the journey to get there, so I can maybe possibly pretty please experience a few years of it before my untimely death, would be quite lovely.  Ditto what I said the other day.  I was unimpressed by his writing in World Made by Hand, but his nonfiction prose has an artistry to it I can really appreciate.  All the more for his subject matter.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that blog. I had previously only seen a video of him railing against suburbia.

    I am not sure I want to see that world – maybe the result, but not the process that leads there, which I am afraid will leave lots of victims by the wayside.

    I also think Mr. Kunstler enjoys his own boisterous pessimism (does that make sense?) a little too much.

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