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There’s a new question on repeat lately: “So have you moved yet?” Nope we haven’t. Nope we don’t know exactly when we will. We’re still getting ready. Maybe next week. Maybe the week after that. When moving means hooking your entire house onto the back of a truck and driving it to a new location, you don’t need to worry about too many deadlines. No starts or ends of leases. No tennants waiting for you to get out so that they can move in. Just you and your house on wheels.  There’s still a lot to do.

Last Friday we went to Frankfurt to clear our new Stellplatz, aka the spot where our Wägen are going to live from now on.  It had only been out of commission for one season, so there weren’t any monster trees or blackberry bushes to fight off, but there was a hell of a lot of stinging nettle.  Among other things.  I wasn’t going to bother posting any before pictures because most of them just look like I’m doing nettle nature photography, but there is an old Wagen sitting there as well that might make things a bit more interesting.  So, behold!  Before the Beard came in with a hardcore weedwacker and chopped everything to bits:

Fuel was needed for the weed menace, so while the Beard and a future Platz-mate went off to buy some, Baby Pickles and I curled up in the grass. I read; she fell asleep. I count it as a good omen that she felt relaxed enough there to conk out and stay under for almost an hour. We’ll be walking across that lawn to get to our home every day so soon.

And oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, our new neighbor has bees! I hope we get along, and I can learn all about beekeeping from her. That would make my year. I wonder if she brings the bees the news, like I’ve read so often that certain traditions insist. I really like the idea of bringing the bees news.

Once the weed monster was fueled and running, it mashed that shit down in a litle over an hour. While Pickles slept, I forked the remains of decapitated nettles into a rather badass wheelbarrow and hauled them off to a pile of withering greens just behind our future plot. And wow, really wow. Once we were finished I was totally flabergasted, once again, by how much space we are going to have there. The pictures don’t really give an accurate feel to the space, but still. DROOL. (NOTE: Pictures will have to come tomorrow. Photobucket is being a jerk.)

Tomorrow we’ll return to haul that Wagen out of there, to be parked in a free spot until its owner gets a chance to pick it up. And once that’s done, we could haul up the anchor in Mainz and push off.

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  1. Don’t forget to brew some of those nettles into tea! They’re stupidly good for you. You could practically live off of nettles, they’re that packed with nutrients.

  2. oh girl! you wasted those awesome nettles? Nettles make good, nourishing soup, pasta, spring tonic, and probably the most important thing you can do with them is make a purin with them by fermenting them in rain water (treated municipal water won’t do) and then using that as a fertilizer on your veg beds. You can water it down and pour it on, or water it way down and spray it on as a foliar feed. But the deal is that 1) it stinks to high heaven, 2) it’s really, really great for your garden.

    I would love to have nettle, stinging or otherwise, all over the place!

  3. hahah. don’t worry Paula, we didn’t eat them for a very good reason: the ground is totally fucked with metals. if i ever do a garden back in there i’m going to need to do raised beds and bring in all new dirt for it. according to my new neighbors, there was some factory or something there before that pretty much ruined the ground. sad sad times, eh?


    anyway, about to head back to this place now. time to move that old Wagen out of there!

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