moving out, moving on

The moving of a Bauwagen around here is always a big event. Bushes get cut back, kipple is battled, and space is carefully measured. Will we make it around that curve? Does so and so need to move his Wagen? Are we going to have to saw off some of the branches of that tree? There’s always a lot to consider, and it always takes longer than you think.

I missed the bulk of this move (I heard it took several hours and ended in the removal of a tree), but I came home just in time to snap a few photos of this now-ex resident pulling out and moving on. When another resident started to cry during the goodbye hugs, the whole event took on that dramatic ” but it was the best of times!” feeling, like it was the end of some sort of mythical golden age. It wasn’t, but it sure was sad to watch him go.

The firetruck used to pull the trailer:

Pulling the trailer out of the driveway with the tractor to get it lined up with the firetruck on the street:

The end of a golden age, and my! isn’t that “insert vortex” function in my photo editing program a neat way to blend out faces?:

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  1. Oh thank goodness you said that- I thought the hindu goddess Kali had been sighted somewhere in Germany!

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