mein liebster freund(e)

‘Becca over at The Earthlings Handbook flattered Click Clack Gorilla with a Liebster Award a few weeks ago.  Thanks ‘Becca.  Awwrr.

A Liebster is an award that brings along with it a set of meme-y, chain email quiz-y instructions which I am going to ignore.  Instead of answering 11 questions, telling you 11 little-known facts about my life, and naming 11 of my favorite blogs, I will share five excellent blogs that I read regularly.  (Maybe that will make up for the fact that I still haven’t gotten my co-conspirators’ page in order.)  All of the bloggers I mention, should they so desire, are welcome to follow the original meme (instructions here) or make up their own or ignore this all entirely.  Consider this a virtual high five.

Elisabeth Stone

Previously Manic Mrs. Stone, this energetic “earth activist and wild mother” takes lovely pictures and blogs about her life with her family of four.  We were pregnant at the same time, and I became addicted to the slices of her life after discovering her beautiful maternity photo series.  She’s also the wise woman behind The Mama Earth Project and The Wheel of the Year e-Course.

blue milk

Though I can’t imagine that blue milk is struggling for followers, it is currently one of my favorite daily reads so cannot go unnamed.  The Australian author blogs about feminist parenting, and her posts—which vary between brief quotes and briefer links to in-depth analysis—are almost always thought-provoking and inspiring.

Hawksmoor’s Bazaar

Though she posts very infrequently, I always enjoy the words Allegra Hawksmoor does deem worthy of her internet time.  In some of those words: “I have a deep and enduring love of the Romantic Age, the decentralisation of power, and anything that makes the world more strange and interesting than popular belief would have you think it is.”  Her recent post about fat shaming in activist communities is absolutely worth a read.

love german books

My descent into the joy of book blog reading madness began with this blog.  In it, literary translator Katy Derbyshire writes about German books and authors and issues of translation and German book awards and the like.  Unless you have a particular bent for German literature or translation, it probably isn’t for you.  But it certainly is for me.  Nom nom nom.

New Escapologist

If you’re in need of a more regular call to escape than the quarterly-ish magazine provides, then the New Escapologist blog is a good place to find it.


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  1. I like the way you went back to the previous Liebster Award meme, the one under which I received the award the first time. It was a lot easier to name 5 good blogs than to name 11–I still haven’t completed my list!–but I did enjoy thinking of 11 random things I wanted to say about myself. 🙂

  2. I too like your method of accepting the award. It’s fun to interact with others, but the long list of questions gets exhausting while I’m also trying to have good quality content outside of the award. A focus on five awesome blogs seems much cooler.

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