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Having relaunched Click Clack Gorilla after such a lengthy fallow period, I feel inclined to re-explain, re-introduce, re-sow the seeds of the stories that I have been telling in this space for the last seven years (holy fuck, seven years?!).  So for the newbies, the frail of memory, and the people who just like pictures, I’d like to introduce the cast.  Also, I’ve changed a few nicknames and pseudonyms, and that’s worth mentioning whatever the state of either of our memories.

The Click Clack Gorilla: The Typing Hands

Writer, editor, singer, builder, scavenger, dumpster diver, geek, obsessive reader, time traveler, and the hands behind Click Clack Gorilla.  Hi my name is Nikki, and I need to take some new author photos.

Click Clack Gorilla on the Almost Iron Throne

Click Clack Gorilla on the Almost Iron Throne

.Winter: The Firstborn

You’ve known her as Peanut (in the womb), Pickles (fresh out of it), and forever after she’ll be known here as Winter.  Imagine the geeky potential for the pregnancy announcements if that had been her legal name: “Winter is coming…” SNORT.  But, behold! Peanut Pickles, I dub thee Winter for the purpose of internet hide-and-go-seek. Ta-da.

When I started using this name, a lot of you asked if I had suddenly gone mad and started using my daughter’s real name on the internet.  If you haven’t gone back and read my answers to those comments, then you heard it here first: nope!

Winter with a ukelele

The Beard: My Partner in Crime

We are that thing called married, but I can barely get my mouth around the word husband.  Partner fits.  He, however, prefers to remain anonymous and unphotographed.  You can wager that he probably has a Beard, but the rest is up to your imagination.

The Set

We live in Germany in an intentional community called a Wagenplatz.  This is what our house looks like.  In three parts.

Our sleeping and living room:

A seven-meter Bauwagen.

The kitchen:

A five-meter Bauwagen.

A five-meter Bauwagen.

The library and guest space:

Bauwagen: A tiny house in Germany

Oh dear.  We’ve gone and built a big porch that I don’t have any pictures of.  Well.  All in good time.  Thanks for reading, fellow gorillas.

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  1. Hey! It looks like one or two of the photos are being a bit funky about loading. Hope they’re sorted by the time you read this!

  2. Your kitchen Bauwagen, with all the tree, and eye, and random seeming murals looks stunning. Did you design and paint it? And how exciting is it to have your own library? I have dreams about my own library, ah, one day, one day. I’m well on my way to having the books for it but need to get myself organised enough to get the shelving and space sorted for it.

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