love and trash and love and trash

We interrupt your regularly scheduled dumpster find o’ the week post for this important news bulletin: Click Clack Gorilla is now available on the Love and Trash blog. (Wohoo!) My first post there can be seen here—all the Frankenstein-inspired recycling for the apocalypse ravings you’ve come to expect, with some pictures that will look familiar to those who’ve been around the gorilla block.

Love and Trash is a pretty frickin’ awesome collection of blogs about diy-ing, and I am several shades of flattered to find my writing among such good company. My posts will be appearing there each Tuesday, so keep your mouse poised and ready if you like what you see.

We now return to your regularly schedule program…dumpster find of the week: pretty box turned shoe corral.

I can’t remember who found them, but one day somebody came home with about a dozen of these wooden boxes. Something about the little metal handle on the end of each made me fall for them immediately. Each had a thin sheet of cardboard-y wood that slid in and out on small tracks as a lid, and some had a small metal square meant for inserting a small label.

I had initially planned to turn them into shelves, but decided that they were too heavy to screw onto the wall. Instead one became a shoe corral, and several others were sent to sit in the corner of my shed until further inspiration struck. As inspiration has yet to strike on this point, I’m turning to you, my inventive readers, to ask what should I do with the two in the shed?

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  1. Gosh- they look like they’d make swell drawers. I’m new to your blog (cool house, btw) so I don’t know yet, but do you have storage under your bed?

  2. Cheese: Good idea.

    Paula: I do have storage under my bed–in the form of various trunks and boxes on wheels (on wheels so that I can get them out of there easily). I’d love to build some sort of chest of drawers thing out of these, but the thought of building something like that kind of intimidates me. I’m not too good with precision… 🙂

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