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Welcome to 2012. If the Mayans have it right, the last year of the humans. I hadn’t done any research into what the 2012 end-of-the-world people have been saying about it because it sounded more ridiculous than the year-2000-catastrophe theories did, so I asked around during the champagne and fireworks portoin of the night on December 31st. Apparently every many-thousands-of-years the poles switch to a new spot and that is going to happen in December. Seems pretty guess-y math to base a huge thing on. But, hell, what do I know?

As has become our tradition, we spent New Year’s Eve in Leofels, a teeney tiny village in the Swabian Alps. Last year I wrote about our visit and posted a lot of wood stove porno pictures, which you can see here. This year was very similar. We went in the sauna, we ate until we were all on the floor moaning, we drank (we minus the me), we played games, and we didn’t make it to the torture museum in Rothenburg. The same procedure as every year, as they say. It was pretty glorious.

And now we are back in Mainz, and it is a rainy 10 degress Celcius. When we got home last night it only took about an hour of wood stoving to get things more than comfortable, and now it is noon—sixteen hours after we last had the wood stove on—and it is warm enough to ignore the wood stove and sit inside in just a long sleeve shirt. While I’m enjoying the break from wood stove maintenance, it is a strange state of affairs. Maybe the world is about to end.

Did you celebrate the coming of a new calendar year?

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  1. Yes, although the practical side of me knows it’s just another day, I like turning the calendar to a new page. Also, I’m on board with any holiday that gives a reason to celebrate. We “celebrated” like many new parents probably…staying in, having dinner with my parents, playing cards, and barely staying up past midnight. I wasn’t wishing for anything else though =).

  2. FVM: Sounds good to me. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it until midnight, but a long nap during the day made it happen. Wouldn’t have been able to sleep through the fireworks the neighbors were setting off outside either way though.

  3. It was 60 fricking degrees here on New Years day. And today it’s 30. If that’s not wrong, I don’t know what is.

    Here we go, is what I say!

  4. It has been unusually warm in the great white north as well. Generally this time of year its about minus 40, so sitting in around the zero mark isn’t so bad. I did a lot of traveling this season and it seems where I am is the only place in the country with snow… but its the crisp white light dusting just enough to cover the ground which makes it actualyl really pretty 🙂

  5. No, we didn’t! Husband went to bed before midnight, disappointed with his life! Didn’t want to break open his special whisky son had bought him the other year. I stayed up but didn’t think much of it.

    You have to celebrate these things together for it to mean anything.

    By the way, I have friends not too far away from Mainz, they write travel books.

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