kitchen shack, 2.0

Winter cleaning to save our souls. Photos in place of those thousand words.

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  2. Thank you for posting the great pics and the even better running commentary. I envy you the free life you have carved out for yourself, it is inspiring! Good luck.

  3. i as well envy your life style, if a stranger may ask how dose one find afordable land to live so free?

  4. murdoc: finding affordable land? well that’s hard. in east germany right now big tracts of land are very affordable. but most people don’t want to go there. you may not have picked this up on the blog already, but we are squatters, and we do not own the land we live on. it was squatted over 20 years ago during the big student protests in germany. shortly thereafter those activists came to an “usage” agreement with the university that owns the property we live on, and some form of our community has been on this spot ever since. last year the university wanted to take half of our land back to build a new building, so they gave us a new peice of land to move to. i don’t know where you are, but squatting is certainly harder in some countries than in others, and it’s getting harder and harder. but it is still something that i highly recommend looking into when considering land options. there is a lot of unused stuff out there, and you’d be surprised how many owners are willing to come to an agreement with someone who is willing to take the land as is.

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