So much has happened in the last two months, and my brain is still smoking and chugging and panting it’s way through everything that I have seen and done and tasted and felt. We’ve been in so many countries and cities and cars. We sat by the Mediterranean and hitch hiked through orange fields. And once my brain is finished short-circuiting, I will show you the orange fields and the cars and the little concerts and the gas stations on snowy nights. There is a lot to say, but the words have yet to find their way into my mouth.

This morning I brought Ms. Sleeveless to the airport. A sad occasion, to be sure. It is always easier to be the one leaving than the one staying. The one leaving moves forward, moves on. The one staying is left with the echoes and the ghosts, the presence of absence. Then the details of daily life march on, laundry and dinner and dishes. Ho-hum.

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  1. She was there? You know her? I love her songs!

    And I can’t wait to see your pics.

  2. what she said. i love your writing.
    oh & send me your address so i can include a ziney package for you on my next po visit.
    i was just looking at that picture of us wearing angel wings the other day.

  3. carrot: woooo!
    tara: madame sans sleeves and i grew up together. she and i just spent the last two months hitch hiking to shows we’d booked for her, going to spain, etc, etc, the stories will be up soon… and furthermore, i am endlessly flattered that you read my blog because yours is fucking fantastic.
    leafnest: sent and sent.

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