in the land of the blind the dumpster diver is king

Last night there was a rainbow around the moon. Not a “I’m too drunk to see straight” rainbow or a “well, I guess the pills just started working” rainbow. A rainbow in a ring around the moon.

In the starless sky the moon was the only spotlight, a surreal plate of stage light among black clouds. And just around the plate was the rainbow, three colors, a rainbow ring around the fucking moon! I gaped. Top Hat walked by. “Can you see it too?” He could. We gaped together. I had just come home with an excellent dumpster bounty. A dumpster moon. I grinned.

The door to the dumpster cage at my favorite super market had been unlocked, and I had gone back a second time with a bigger bag, there was so much good-looking produce. And bread! Oh sweet bread! How I have longed for bread through the hot months when we avoid the dumpsters, the hot months when produce melts into dumpster juice within minutes of hitting the can! The time of the bottomless salad bowl with a side of garlic bread is here.

I decided to take a tally, and pictures, to astound myself, and you. Further evidence that the wastefulness of western “civilization” is way out of hand. But you already knew that.

Those pictures warm my heart as their contents fill my belly. The contents of the bread basket* totaled, if we had bought them, would have cost 29,76 euro. Want to come over for breakfast tomorrow? Otherwise the chickens will be one the ones enjoying the expensive organic rye bread.

*The baked goods (and their prices):
17 Kaiserbrötchen (3,40 euro)
2 Farmerbrötchen (1,30)
750 gram Bergbauernbrot (2,29)
750 g Vollkornbatzen (1,99)
500 g Bio Roggenbrot (1,99)
1 Kornquarkstange + 1 Finnenbrötchen (1,29)
750 g Roggenmisch-/Hausbrot (0,99)
3 500 g Bio Mehrkornbrot (1,99 each)
500 g Topfenkornbrot (2,29)
4 Toskanisches Brötchen (1,40)
2 Croissant (1,60)
2 Amerikaner (1,80)
2 Laugenbrötchen (1,20)
1 Mohnbrötchen (0,45)
Puddingbretzel (1,20)

**The veggies (and where they came from):
3 350g packages mushrooms (Germany)
2 500g packages organic green grapes (Italy)
1 yellow bell pepper
1/2 pineapple, plastic-wrapped
1 kilo yellow plums (Italy)
1 bag celery (Germany)
1 cucumber
1 leek
1 head cabbage
500g organic red plums
1 kilo peaches (Spain)
1/2 bag Brussel’s sprouts (Holland)
2 eggplant
1 box organic alfalfa sprouts
2 packages pre-cut greek salad mix–olives, feta, onions, peppers (2,49 each)
150g field lettuce (Germany)

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  1. to your editors submit only a listing of your past blog post titles (along other unborn ones bouncing between the fast-as-lightening pair of genius pong paddles within your skull), and let all the other pages in your forthcoming last-gasp-of-the-fetid-old-printing-press guidebook be left empty & scribbleable (with the included chunk of post-apocalyptic, evermore functionless & unburnt coal). nothing more is required, your titles alone are priceless (…as if you’d take their stinking clinking clanking coinage – bah!).

    not to devalue the tales that follow…just wanted to let you know that you always have me at the first marauding vegetable or sluiced-in comma (and no doubt before you even get anywhere near umlaut territory).

  2. damn…just wanted a simple colon & end parenthesis, but this is ever a more graphic world of icons & symbols of symbols of symbols

  3. Say Nikki, can you get in contact with my successor at Young Germany. I passed on his details to you, but not vice versa and now my old account with your contact details and latest blogs has been deleted…

  4. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long
    comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t
    show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say excellent blog!

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