if you can see this post, you have won a prize. and also: our kitchen!

And the prize is that you can see this post.  SIGH.  My radio silence lately has been the result of some technical issues.  I would describe them for you and whine a bunch in vivid detail, but really, who fucking cares?!  I owe you some pictures of our new kitchen, and today I am here to deliver.  That’s right.  Uh-huh.  Look at these beauties.

You’ve seen the outside at least a dozen times already, but, yeah, it is still awesome.

No fictisiously clean kitchens in my photos! I am not fast enough to take pictures during the three seconds that is remains orderly before the next Hurricane Pickle/cooking strikes.

I think food makes the best decoration in a kitchen. So I built narrow shelves and lined them with my extensive collection of glass jars. The jars also help keep the grocery moths at bay. I fucking hate those moths.

Note the beautiful floor. Done by our awesome floor who used to live in this space.

I still can barely fathom the luxury that is having a full stove with three burners and an over. OH HELLS YEAH. Also: isn’t the stove cute? I am in love. The Beard found it for sale online for 25 euro bucks.


I still think hanging shit is the best way to make use of your space in a small kitchen. And it looks pretty too. See that cow head hanging there? It makes toast. On the wood stove. More love.

Ikea. Making the world boring, but with a real nice selection of hanging bobbles for kitchens.

Like these hanging drying racks. Such good use of space. Now we just need to get a sink in here.

Another hanging drying rack, one I got for free from freecycle, but also originally from Ikea. It also folds up. Genius.

More glass jar porn.

This is where we store towels and things.

Pancake forms. Pigs, hearts, clover, bears. Cute as fuck. Making cooking fun again.

My coffee grinder will still work after the apocalypse. Will yours? Ok, ok, you’re right, there won’t BE any coffee to grind. So what. I still love this thing.

Ta-da! What do you think?

NOTE NOTE NOTITY NOTE: I started a book-ish website, and I would love it if you all came by and said hello and liked our facebook page and stuffs. Going to keep most of my book ramblings over there from now on, and the tiny house ramblings will all still live here. Once the CCG redisgn that is happening RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE is done (whoops, cat out of the bag huh?), even more so.  GO VISIT IT ALREADY: Book Punks.

16 Comments on “if you can see this post, you have won a prize. and also: our kitchen!

  1. Your kitchen is f*cking awesome. The floor! THE FLOOR! The glass jars! I have never managed to get the hang of glass jars, I always have too much to go in the one jar and then have to have a pile of half-empty packets of things hidden in a cupboard.

    Anyway, I have been waiting for this post forEVER, so thank you for sharing it, and sorry about the pain leading up to being able to post it. But your kitchen is so cute and so cosy and I love, well, everything about and in it. My kitchen is a f*cking joke. I mean that quite literally, for some of it is so horrible it’s genuinely funny. Ah well.

  2. Frau Dietz: I need to get my ass over there and see this kitchen of yours. And ditto to you. It is all about getting the right sized jars for the size of the package the things come in. It’s an art. I’m offering lessons for 300 euros an hour.

    Carien: Thanks! Cow toast is the best.

  3. Welcome back – I thought it was just something wrong with my computer that I couldn’t see any new posts! It never even occurred to me you might be having difficulties posting, strangely enough.
    Love the kitchen. VERY jealous of that cooker – looks fantastic!

  4. I love the way you have the baskets hanging up, mine are on the floor and look sad in comparison! And all the jars are amazing, I’m kind of jar crazy myself 🙂

  5. The outside of your kitchen wagon is the awesomeness! Also, book website! What would Arya read?! I’m so there.

  6. The kitchen looks great. It’s nice that you are back. I haven’t seen your posts in what seems like forever. I hope you and your little one are doing well.

  7. What a pleasure to see a whole bunch of posts from you!!! I’ve been waiting, glad it got sorted.

    It wasn’t all bad waiting though because in the meantime I kept seeing that “books of 2013” post and picking books off of it. All this to say: SLOW RIVER by Nicola Griffith- a book I never ever would have found on my own and holy whoa, am I happy to have read it. Loved it. So glad you have your own book site because you have impeccable taste! Congrats on the kitchen, it’s lovely.

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  9. so pretty,
    I could look at the jars forever and a day,
    I’m over the moon that I found some little ones in our basement, dumped the old spices, washed them up and will fill with(new)spices

    Where are your big jars from?

  10. Saw your vid with deek tiny yellow house . Here in CANADA i am trying to establish a research facility that consists of tiny houses that will also be built from unconventional materials that are normally used for building living structures. This will be in Nova Scotia on 2.36 acres of land and will include organic gardening. I would like to buy larger parcels of land being 20 acres or more to establish minimalist living villages of micro mansions instead of refering to them as tiny houses that will have lots of storage spaces built iinto the walls, floor and ceiling. Oh, there will also be sleeping lofts and attached green house for winter growing of organic vegies. CHEERS and all the best

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