i got a new camera

So I’ve been doing a lot of playing. When you have a decent camera, taking pictures is a lot more fun. I never would have guessed it.  Photography was never really my thing.  Good thing they make really good cameras that camera idiots can wield without too much havoc.  As a result, some pictures:

Pickles’ tricycle.  Her legs remain to short to ride it, so we push her around.  She is already kind of bike obsessed.  I take this as a good omen.


MyZeil is basically a big fucking mall.  I would hate it if it weren’t for its dizzying Borgesian architecture.

The Römerberg.  The heart of historical Frankfurt.  Except it is all reconstruction as everything that was actually old was flattened during WWII.

Are any of you into photography?  What kind of camera do you use?  (Now that I’ve been forced to do research on these things I actually have half a clue…I have a Canon EOS 600D…)

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  1. Pickles is gorgeous! Not called in for a while, trying to do some decluttering (clothes, books etc) unsuccessfully. Your photo of Frankfurt reminded me that in the 60s, I spent the night in a Police hospitality room at the Head Police Office. (explanation – I wasn’t arrested but on holiday with my fluent German speaking boyfriend and we couldn’t find anywhere to stay. He was a Police Officer in this country! A very comfortable room, no breakfast, what do think of that. The only time I have ever spent in a Police station overnight! I then queued up all day trying to get a residence permit.

  2. hej nikki!
    finally, after a long time (was busy discovering this new side of the world!) i’m reading again a bit into your blog, since i always liked it.

    on topic: when my last camera (a 10 years old entry-SLR with film) broke 1.5 years ago, i suddenly got interested in photography! i love my new (digital! haha!) olympus (this great mirrorless cameras: the quality is as good as of the bigger DSLRs, but much the whole thing is much smaller, since there is no mirror in…)!

    and then i missed my film days and got an really old manual focus film SLR with a bunch of great lenses, this old stuff is quite cheap these days (mostly, at least).
    mh, my next plan is to try out some black&white films and develop them by myself, which seems to be quite easy…

    greetings from montréal!

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