holy shit, it’s a bauwagen dollhouse

Why didn’t we think of that?!?! We had even talked about getting Pickles a dollhouse. (Well, someone had offered to give us one, and we said yes.) But a house? Why the hell would we get her a dollhouse? Pickles’ dolls would obviously live in a Bauwagen.  Just like us.

The Beard was on tour for five days last week. In Freiberg this dollhouse was at the venue where they played. When he told me about it on the phone I begged for photos. Next summer we are so building one of these.  Miniature things have always excited me.  I can’t explain why.  Just…little things!…squeal!  That is basically how it happens in my head.  If you see an explanation in there somewhere, let me know.

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  1. Nope, something adorable about miniature things. When I was younger I started building a dollhouse and it is still in progress (ha). One of these days J and I say we are going to finish it so I can stare at all the adorable miniature furniture…

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