The temperatures have entered a month-long limbo contest. Alaska’s probably winning (or Siberia or Antarctica), but Mainz seems out to beat her personal record. Everything in our kitchens is frozen: the water, the dish soap, the carrots, the onions, your hands as you try to empty a bag of pasta into boiling water. The cooking oil has all gone solid. There is no need to use a refrigerator. In fact, the refrigerator in the Beard’s kitchen (we have separate kitchens at the moment because he wants to be in a communal kitchen and I don’t) turned itself off after the first night of minus double digit temperatures.

I am ready for hibernation.

“I think I’ll just sleep until I go into labor,” I told the Beard yesterday morning from beneath my favorite down blanket. If only I was a bear. Or a hedgehog. Or a skunk.

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  1. hello,

    ive just discovered this blog, and reading it has given me a real kick up the bum to do something about my 9-5 existence…thanks for showing me its possible! 🙂 richard, london…

  2. Seems a puzzling choice to bring a newborn into this setting. ?
    Hope all is well with you, thanks for continuing your blog under such adverse circumstances.

  3. Leslie: Not sure what you mean about being puzzled by bringing a baby into the world in the winter. We planned this babe, but not to the point of deciding it could only safely come into our life during a specific season. Winter always shows up sometime, and it’s not any funner no matter the age. And for the record it’s not cold at all in our living quarters. Our kitchens are all frozen up because they are in seperate buildings. And of course, our kitchens also have wood stoves and are no problem to heat. Things freeze in them because no one is heating them through the night.

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