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Designed by a regular, it was slathered with some things you’d expect on a burger (onions, bacon, cheddar cheese) and some things you wouldn’t (peanut butter, hot green chilis, pineapple).  I hesitated: I am not usually an adventurous orderer. But nothing else on the menu sounded interesting in comparison.  I ordered.  It was delicious.

I can’t stop thinking about this fucking burger.

Seriously.  I have been talking about it for weeks.  With three vegetarian options on the menu, I keep telling the Beard that we need to head to Heroes, birthplace of this strange burger, together, immediately.  I crave the peanut butter and pineapple combo, the bacon and the cheddar and oh my god did I mention the peanut butter?  On a burger?  My mind has been blown.  I wake up thinking about this fucking burger.  Whenever I start getting hungry it is the first thing I think of.

On top of having The Weirdest and Best Burger I Have Ever Eaten, the restaurant that makes it is pretty fucking cool.  As the name might suggest, it is superhero themed: the walls are decorated with comic book characters (mostly Batman and the Joker from the quick look I took while chasing Baby Pickles around the place), and there are comics in a magazine rack along the tiny bar that fills one corner of the small room.  Everything is made there (including the buns), and in the summer there is seating outside.  (This was key in keeping Pickles entertained while I ate.  There was also a waitress who deserves the hero title for herself for playing with Pickles whenever she could so I could actually finish my wonder burger.)  It may be all the way over in Bornheim, which means almost an hour of travel by train or by bike, but holy shit.  So worth it.  And the massive protein shot makes me a bicycle superhero anyway.

Heroes Premium Burgers // Leibnizstr. 13, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

I might never have even discovered the place if it wasn’t for an incredibly fun new writing project. The HUNT (a series of city-specific travel guides) hired me to write a mini guide for Frankfurt.  It will be published as an e-book and will be available at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October.  And it is one of the funnest projects I’ve done in a while.  When else do you get to go out to eat or drinking and legitimately call it work?

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  1. So is that burger one of the vegetarian options, or is it a meat burger with those toppings?

    I’ve been thrilled with this veggie burger recipe since it was published last fall. The peanut butter really adds a great flavor, and the mushrooms and nuts give it an overall texture and flavor that’s everything I liked about beef with none of the things I didn’t!

  2. Saw the video on your tiny house, then got the link to your blog. You are AWESOME! Yeaaaaahhhhh for you! I am an expat from the US living (now) in Ecuador, but might move back to Spain (where I lived for 11 years). Can’t live in my native country because it has gone completely murderously crazy.

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