hello hi happy new year nice to see you i’ve been away i hope you are well

Oh faithful gorillas! I wish I could have been there for you the last year. I write about books daily on Book Punks, but personal essays, published online, are just not possible right now.

But you still visit. You still come, by the dozens, to this site, every single day. When I see that I miss you, and I wish it was still possible for me to write about my living space, collective living, and tiny houses. It isn’t, ho hum, oh well. But I can offer you a small morsel, a keyhole, a window into my life in case you miss me: my instagram account bookpunksread. It is the closest I currently come to lifestyle blogging, and I share pictures of Frankfurt, books, cooking, and our tiny houses. I’d love for you to visit me there. Send me a message if you do, so I know who you are and can follow you back.

Fall morning. Now, just four point five hours of work and it’s the weekend!! #fall #bauwagen

Ein von Urban Gorilla (@bookpunksread) gepostetes Foto am

One tradition remains the same: The Year in Books. It went up on Book Punks today, and I’d love if you joined me once again to talk about your year in reading.

Uncertain about what to do with this space after such a long fallow period, I am considering a book. Click Clack Gorilla: condensed, revised, updated, expanded, and self-published. It would be a significant time committment, but a worthy tribute to the time we’ve spent here. What do you think? Would you read it? Would you want it? Would you buy it for 99 cents?

Until then, faithful gorillas, stay dirty, stay awesome, stay wild. xxx

6 Comments on “hello hi happy new year nice to see you i’ve been away i hope you are well

  1. Happy New Year and cheers for the link, I love Book Punks to pieces but I do miss your life-in-a-tiny-house posts over here. Give us a book I say!!

  2. A book would be amazing, and a large undertaking. Setting up a page for funding support may help with the costs, and the project as a whole could be a nice piece of reflection and palate cleansing for new adventures.

  3. Hello! We miss you too! Yes PLEASE write a book, I would happily buy it and read it 🙂 Good luck with all your projects. Katie. X

  4. I miss your gorilla posts, too, but life’s about change and so on. I’d also buy your book for more than 99 cents. 🙂 I used to own shelf after shelf full of books, but they were the first to start to go when I began to simplify years and years ago. Not that I stopped reading, but I use the library and if I buy a book I give it away afterwards unless it’s absolutely insisting on staying on our bookshelf (single, five shelves worth).

    Happy reading and writing and living!

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