gorilla who?

You people are wonderful. You really are. You shower me with comments, ask me questions, send me nice e-mails about how much you like my writing, and you have been sending me PayPal donations to support the Gorilla cause to an extent that I did not imagine possible. (I have used the money to purchase the wheelbarrow in which I will be carting around my ego.) So thanks to every single one of you. I raise my forkful of fried sweet potatoes to the heavens in a toast to your honor.

While I’m taking care of all these over-due thank yous and curtsies, I should mention that I received a “Stylish Blogger Award” from Urania’s Inspiration, a blog mostly about re-purposing and thrifting. To which I blush and say “Awww, you shouldn’t have” as I shovel another few pounds into the wheelbarrow.

What all of this has also reminded me of is that 2010 is over, and I’m due for another round of Gorilla Awards. I don’t like maintaining a blog roll, so each year I hand out the Gorillas to my favorite internet folk for their work in living, documenting, and promoting the Gorilla life. Which leaves one important question, as I don’t always get out much when it comes to websites—do you read any particularly Gorilla-esque blogs you’d like to nominate for consideration?

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  1. Well thanks Paula. 🙂 Though I’d say nominations don’t have to depend on dumpster diving alone. Just general gorilla-ness, which I imagine as having to do with general self-sufficiency, questioning the givens, and being thoughtful and clever and crafty.

  2. “general self-sufficiency, questioning the givens, and being thoughtful and clever and crafty”
    Okay, that gives me some ideas:

    Jacob at http://earlyretirementextreme.com/ became financially independent at 30-something by living an unconventionally frugal lifestyle (and, okay, he had a pretty high-paying job for a while there). Despite being independently wealthy, he still lives in a trailer and always looks for a way to DIY (and he usually finds one). Check out his post about building his own rake: http://earlyretirementextreme.com/diy-4-rake.html

    At the other end of the financial management spectrum, here are some people who survive comfortably on no money at all:
    Daniel “Suelo” Shellabarger (USA): http://zerocurrency.blogspot.com/
    Mark “Moneyless Man” Boyle (UK):
    There’s a woman doing this in Germany as well, but I’m not sure if she’s blogging, because I’m too lazy to run her site through Google Translate: http://projekte.free.de/gibundnimm/

    Also, I’ve been enjoying this blog about DIY healthy home and body cleansers and cosmetics: http://crunchybetty.com/
    She spends a lot more time and effort on some of these concoctions than I ever would (why make a special fancy homemade toothpaste when you can just use baking soda, is my thinking), but her enthusiasm for cheaper, healthier alternatives is infectious.

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