gorilla baby: the diy fold-down changing table, finished

Ah, yes.  Remember my last building project?  The baby-crap storage shelves and fold-down changing table?  Well, while I was in the hospital the Beard went and finished it up.  See, when it comes to projects I’m the slow contemplative one, and he’s the fast impatient one.  So despite all my good intentions, he’s almost always the first at the finish line.  When Peanut started knocking on labor’s door I shrugged and figured we’d change her on the floor for the first few weeks.  He took the bus to the building supply store and put on the fold-down bit in an afternoon.

This is what it looked like before.

And this is what it looks like now:

The table is attached to the shelves by two large hinges and is supported by two steel cables and the two peices of wood that hang down past the bottom of the shelves (as you can see in the first picture).  At first the Beard had just gone with the cables, but as it’s turning out that I’m the spacey relaxed parent and he’s the nervous paranoid parent, he was worried that the cables might fail and toss Pickles onto the floor.  So he screwed on the wood bits for a bit of extra support.  The padding is a bit of foam covered in some water resistant plastic stuff, and it is all held closed by an old guitar strap attached to hooks on either side of the shelves.

Using it so far has been dreamy.  I can open it up with one hand, and fold it back up the same way, kidlet on one arm and the other shoulder to hold up the table while I hook the strap back into place.  So far, an excellent solution for tiny living with a baby in tow.  And a hell of a lot cheaper (I don’t know what the Beard spent, but I’d reckon it finished at about 50 to 60 euros total) than the fold-down changing tables I’ve seen in stores (which cost about 300 euros and don’t have nearly as much storage space).  Another win for tiny houses, frugal living, and diy.

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  1. By the way, I think after nine months of your body being held hostage by little Peanut, you deserve to be the “spacey, relaxed parent.”

  2. What a good job! I am especially impressed that it’s so practical that you can manage it with one hand. Brilliant. Now: can you send him round here, as Orla has broken her bed (bouncing) and I like the idea of a fold-down one, OR EVEN, fold down bunk beds! How awesome would that be??

  3. that is very cool! 3 cheers for the beard:) a relaxed parent is a very good parent (my super-unrelaxed mom in childhood reaked havoc on me, now she is older and super relaxed and we get along pretty much okay)….by the way, i was wondering how the cloth diapers were going? i really want to use them one day and want to hear from a real person who uses them and someone who has an interest in not cluttering up the earth. 🙂

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