goodbye, hello

A month after we had announced our summer departure—trading in our beloved Mainz Wagenplatz for new turf in Frankfurt—another group announced that they would be doing the same.  People love to grumble.  People seem to really love to grumble when they live in intentional communities.  Maybe there is more to grumble about.  Maybe we had more problems then most.  Either way, that grumbling had turned into action and a group of six, including four of ours, had decided to start a new Wagenplatz in the region.

You’ll hear people talking about wanting to start new Wagen communities a lot.  Thing is, it is more difficult than it sounds.  First you need to find the land, and on this side of the country, land is not cheap.  Then you need to make peace with the neighbors and the regulations that you are more than likely ignoring in living in a Bauwagen community on said land.  When I first moved to Mainz, a group of people were actively pursuing it, and eventually gave up in frustration (or possibly for other reasons I don’t know about, I wasn’t close with any of them).  So I can imagine that when this group of people stumbled across the oppurtunity to turn a cute little plot of land with a house in a quiet area in the region, I bet they sort of felt like they had won the lottery.

I really hope that I can document their adventure here.  Hint hint, if any of you are reading.  But until I get permission on that, we’ll have to leave it at this: four people decided to move out.  And they all did so within the last two weeks.  Shabam!

What that means is that there is suddenly a lot of echoingly empty space.  It feels strange.  There aren’t as many people around to sit chatting to during the day.  I had sort of hoped we’d be gone before them, just so I wouldn’t have to watch the Wagenplatz empty, wouldn’t have to remember it this way, instead of at its peak.  At the same time it is incredibly exciting that there is now a new Wagenplatz in the region, and incredibly interesting to think about what direction this spot will take as new residents take the place of all those who are leaving.  Talleyho!

Pictures: One of the first empty spaces to appear, the first two Wägen to go, and a close-up of the bit o’ metal that makes all this moving around possible.

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