goodbye hamster blues

My usual Saturday ritual involves walking through the flea market down the block and returning cans to the grocery store in exchange for juice and noodles. But today, revived from sickness by a fulfilling night of fancy cocktails and fancier dresses, today was lumberjack day.

Above: The country ghetto woodshed, built out of old pallets and metal siding, found in the trash. Pirate flag, found in the woods outside of Limburg.

Imagine if all the people who belong to gyms traded in their memberships for a wood stove and mighty lumberjack shoulders. I think that, in some small way, the world would be a better place.

Happy Saturday.

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  1. incase you like your backspine as it is, get yourself some higher block to chop your wood on.

  2. perfect is about waist-high, also you invest less powerfor chopping. happy sunday — off to chop some lumber..

  3. heh. there’s a metal thing that you can’t see in the picture that the block is usually atop. but sometimes it falls off. thus it being so low in this picture.

  4. Ode to a Splitting Maul: ‘Your heft and might make an axe seem slight, and Newton would have swooned at your kinetic flight’….(they’re safer also)

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