golden hearts tour america! break hearts! end capitalism!

Having started the week with a tale of the adventures of Click Clack Gorill and K. Sleeveless, I thought I would end the week with instructions for meeting The Sleeveless One in person.

It’s easy and anyone can do it! Wow! How easy is it, you ask? Well, let me tell you just how easy it really is…

1. Examine list of tour dates below.
2. Select closest city.
3. Attend concert.
4. Start conversation by saying you’ve been sent to deliver hugs from Click Clack Gorilla. And if you go to that last Baltimore show, give my uncle a hug as well.

Golden Hearts/Katey Sleeveless/It’s True/Adam Hawkins Tour Extraordinaire

10/17/11 Tba, Champaign, Illinois
10/19/11 The Verve, Terre Haute, Indiana
10/20/11 Rachael’s Cafe, Bloomington, Indiana
10/22/11 Rhino’s All Ages Club, Bloomington, Indiana
10/23/11 Switchyard, Bloomington, Indiana
10/25/11 Sitwell’s, Cincinnati, Ohio
10/26/11 Labyrinth Press Co., Jamestown, New York

11/2/11 UNregular Radio, Boston, Massachusetts
11/4/11 House Show, New Haven, Connecticut
11/6/11 Fort Something, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC
11/7/11 Goodbye Blue Monday, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC
11/9/11 Sidewalk Cafe, NYC
11/17/11 Red Hook, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11/18/11 Bohemian Cafe, Baltimore, Maryland
11/20/11 Normal’s Bookstore, Baltimore, Maryland
11/26/11 House Show, Charlottesville, Virginia

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll have heard me shamelessly promoting Katey’s music before. But if you’re new here, here’s a taste. Katey writes folk songs about revolution, about hitch hiking, about farming, about life. I’ve heard people compare her voice to Joanna Newsom’s, which I think is just a lot of people’s way of saying her voice is incredibly unique and awesome. She also happens to be a fantastic person who I’ve know almost since I was born. And she’ll be touring with partner-in-crime Adam Hawkins of It’s True (and they’re doing large parts of their sets together and that Hawkins can sing like a god damn angel), baby Sleeveless, and the Sleeveless Dog. There’s no time like right this very second for a good concert…

K. Sleeveless: Once I Had an Open Heart

Adam Hawkins: War

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