german eco-villages: sieben linden

The number of people who live in Bauwägen in Germany is immense, as far as a tiny sub-culture can be immense.  But with over 130 Wagenplätze and who the hell knows how many others—living openly in eco-villages and secretly on garden plots and unofficially in backyards.  It all reminds me of the time when the magazine printed in the same office I often work from featured a photo of a woman in front of a Bauwagen.  I was astounded that a kind of conservative publication would feature such a thing.  My colleague had replied, nonchalantly, “Well you aren’t the only ones.”  Indeed we are not.

While doing some research for another project, I stumbled upon a German eco-village (for the German learners among us, that’s ökodorf) called Sieben Linden.  These folks bought a big plot of land in East Germany and are living it up eco-style, giving seminars and, yup, living in Bauwägen.  There weren’t too many pictures available, and I hope someday to visit and take my own, but for now, check out what they’re doing over there, tiny house-wise:

All photos (cc) flickr user A Moving Office

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