friends, enemies, co-conspirators

You might have noticed that I don’t have a blog roll. This is because I don’t like cluttering up the sidebar with lists, and in a weird social-anxiety sort of way, I always felt like I couldn’t keep up with returning the favor to all the nice people who have blog rolled me.

But since I still want to promote all the bad-ass people writing good things on the internet, I thought I’d give you a blog roll in a post, and award my favorite bloggers with honorary gorilla-dom. Oh and, not to be forgotten, the legalese: I am not responsible for any content on any of the websites listed below, duh.

ten blogs preferred by gorillas everywhere

Ecowhore // This is my favorite blog on the whole wide internets. But! It is subscription-only, so go read her previous blog Hobo Stripper for a taste of the stripping/living in a van/living in the woods/alaska/diy/rewilding stories that you can expect from Ecowhore and then subscribe already.

Fish In the Water // Written by a delightful co-possessor of Stewart genetic material (what’s that word? nepotism?), this blog centers around food. Local food, seasonal recipes, starting your own organic farm (which she is in the throes of doing), post-vegan meat and cheese eating, and general gorilla-esque thoughts about life and how it could be lived.

Birds Before the Storm // Steam punk author (Steamy Punk, Mythmakers and Lawbreakers) Magpie writes about “airships, anarchism, etc” and is pretty much the only reason that I had any idea what is going on in the wider world of anarchism and activism. A hundred gorillas to you, Magpie!

I Am Not Afraid of Winter // Author of zines Dirt and Cheese and hunger, love isn’t afraid of winter, of riding freight trains, of hitch hiking across the US, or of writing about all of it. And as far as I know she is the lifelong holder of the infamous prize (that I have just invented): “best metaphor on the internets.”

Periodista Costilla // Katey Sleeveless, endless fountain of creativity, inspiration, and beautiful music and writing, posts occasional updates of her wanderings and doings here.

Love Luck Sabotage // Songs to get executed for. Dirty anti-civ folk. From the author of the now-defunct Rube Vigor.

Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness // Strangers on Strangers: “Strangers is a remarkably tiny collective dedicated to the gift economic practice and the encouragement of alternative culture.” They put out fabulous things like The Super Happy Anarcho-Fun Pages, and you can download lots of fine zines from their website for free.

Urban Scout // This is another rewilding/diy/down-with-empire blog that I was very excited to discover recently. So far it’s like reading things that I could imagine having written myself, except with a different perspective and style. Sweet.

Snarky Tofu // What writing! What adventures! What hilarity! Fucking fantastic travel blog, mostly focusing on Asia.

Lonely Girl Travels // Lauren on Lauren: ” Lauren Quinn is a travel-addicted freelance writer. She’s actually not that lonely, but does love traveling sola. Lauren is not a corporate escapee, reformed 9-5er or English teacher living in Asia—she’s a waitress, poet and former zine maker. Raised in Oakland on punk rock, malt liquor and Marxism-Leninism, Lauren has traveled independently (and once illegally) to over twenty countries across four continents.” Sweet travel writing, and on top of it, Lauren is incredibly kind to me and my writing. Back at you, Lauren.

So there. I hereby present you all with the Gorilla Award. Have a banana, a kiss, and a few of my readers.

Other neat things and people:
Wagendorf: News from all of Germany’s wagenplätze.
Hacked IRL: Hilarious street art.
CrimethInc: People who deserve lots of high fives.
Food Not Bombs: More people who deserve lots of high fives.
Literary Bohemian: Beautiful, beautiful writing. Wow.
Have You Seen This Girl: Another fellow gorilla.
Swift Sparrow Swallow: Yet another fellow gorilla.
Frugal Roo: An insane amount of information about living like a king on no money.
Letters Home: Ex-pat blogging from Hamburg.

Further nepotism:
BTA: Poetry, String Felons’ Tour Diaries, usw.
Soulgasm Records: Release and show (up)dates, if you happen to be in the Baltimore area.
Shattered Wig Press: Long live Normal’s Books and Records, Shattered Wigs, and the nights belonging to them.

If I haven’t managed to get yer website in it, just post it in the comments below. I am weary of copying and pasting links and code, and there is so much interesting shit going on on the internet that it almost gives me hope. Though perhaps what I hope most of all is that some of it lands on paper before the end of the world. Cheers.

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  1. woo! I came to your blog today to leave my first comment for ages and I find that you’ve linked to me! What a lovely list, I like so many of the things on it.

    Nice one!

  2. Thank you, cousin dearest, for the regular nods in my direction. Do you remember when we said we wanted to take over the internet with our secret identities? I’m not sure this is what we intended.

  3. Holy wow, thanks! Pls to change/add link tho? has the subscribe info.

    I’m working my way through the links and love magpie so far, can’t wait to click on the rest.

    And omg yes, Carrot is the queen of metaphor.

  4. I will join in the commenters who are proud and excited to have been linked to! And to be in such interesting company!

  5. yeah, this is great! i thought my first comment got lost in some corner of some server or fiber-optic something-or-other…but now i’m seeing it here in several different browsers, so maybe it made it through after all.

    anyway, thank you & it’s so good to be back in these ranks. <3

  6. thanks love-ly one…
    i kinda wanna just show up on your doorstep with no toothbrush and a vagabondish hairdoo.

  7. sleeveless: i have scissors if you bring the hair.
    if you show up in summer, maybe june or august, it’ll be just in time for touring with us. ps, m and i have decided (his idea, and me i’m just a big fan) that we will put out a split. side a: hitch hiking song. side b: 2 on the road. oh man oh man oh man oh man. are you here yet?

  8. oh, speaking of helltrain whistles – i loved your songs, nic/click-olette! you sing beautifully, & it is such an honor to be sorta conjured in there (especially what you did with the you who hear themes). yay

    also, i quite like: “dirty anti-civ folk” as adjective & noun. thanksyou.

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