friend or foe?

Does anyone know what these are? You see, I am a poor planner. Some of the seeds I planted I didn’t label, assuming that I would remember what had gone where (ha!). Others I did label, and then the labels blew away. And the things that remained neatly labeled decided not to come out of the ground at all.

So before I remove what I am beginning to suspect are really just weeds from my vegetable bed, I thought I’d send a plea for information out to all the other gardeners reading this blog. I could swear that I planted something in this spot, but I couldn’t tell you what, and this plant doesn’t look like anything I’ve grown before (and it looks suspiciously like some weeds I saw growing down the street). But if I end up weeding out what I intentionally planted, well, I’m going to feel rather silly. So here we are. Anyone know?

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  1. It might be alfalfa (lucerne). Officially – Medicago sativa. If you bought seed for germinating sprouts they could have ‘escaped’. Edible – or feed it to your local rabbits…;-)))

  2. pretty sure they are the same weeds I let go in my garden to see what they’d turn out to be, they got very tall before I tore them out, this was last year

    See yougrowgirl forums or past entries to see if any mention/ID

  3. It looks to me like it might be a type of wood sorrel (shamrock). Edible as a salad green if you mix it with other things but yes, technically a weed.

  4. Wood sorrel has heart shaped leaves. I thought it was peas at first glance, but it could be alfalfa. They’re related. Either way – leave ’em. If it’s alfalfa it will attract pollinators and fix nitrogen in the soil, which is good for everything else in the garden.

  5. P.S. You’ll know when they blossom. Alfalfa gets sort of puffy clusters of blooms. Pea blossoms have simple, wide, flat petals. I heart peas.

  6. Thanks for all the input guys! I was quite chagrined when I looked up from the dinner table on the very same day that I posted this and noticed that the tree next to the garden has exactly the same sort of leaves…

    Guess that mystery is solved.

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