forge ahead, scavenge, and shine

Ahoy! Click Clack Gorilla! I’ve missed you but life, as it should, has come between me and my computer recently more often than not. To blame is the sun. It just keeps shining and shining, and it has lured me from my computer and the freckles from the pale winter skin on my cheeks.

Someday soon it will rain, and then I will spend the day writing the hundreds of posts that have been simmering on the low heat of a near-sun-stroked brain for the past few weeks. Until then, look at what this amazing woman did! I’m totally in love! Three cheers for tiny houses and the scavengers who build them!

She also keeps a blog called Forge Ahead. It makes me ecstatic to know that people in America are doing these things. Makes the thought of someday moving back there seem mildly less terrifying.

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  1. Wow, just wow. What a freakin talented sexy lady!!

    We missed you, but glad you’re enjoying the sunshine clickclack! It’s in the 30’s here today, but we hit 70 on Sunday… gotta love Minnesota!

  2. This just makes me think that I was born thirty years too late (on the young end of hippiedom) or thirty years too early. Too cool.

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