fire in the bones

So much of life is tidal that it is no wonder that inspiration operates on the same cycle.  And yet when the tide is out, I’m damning the water, and when it’s in, I’m floundering and flopping for the time to put thoughts in places where they will keep before the water slips back out to the sea.

Right now the musical tide is in.  The water is lapping at my toes, foaming lyrics and melodies and inspiration.  (If you are new to Click Clack Gorilla, this is the music I make.) We played a great show last week in Wiesbaden, and we’re going to be playing a great show in Frankfurt on June 11 (details about that here if you’re interested).  And probably a whole bunch of great shows in Holland come July.

Usually this feeling, of bursting with ideas and energy and music, comes after a show with an awesome band.  But getting it right out of the air is a sweet high.  Makes me want to take up an instrument.  (That I undoubtedly will never master.  I lack all the discipline on that front.)  But if I did, this would be my first act:

If you’re interested in hearing what else has been inspiring me lately, then hop over here.  Or watch this video…this is the person we are collaborating with for our next album, and her lyrics just bowl me over every time.  Wait until you hear the one about the activist and the small time crook.

‘Ordinary Heroes’ played by Shireen @ Autonoom Centrum, Den Haag 2013 from Shireen Lilith on Vimeo.

What’s inspiring you lately?

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  1. AH I have a head full of blog posts, many of them Dies the Fire related, but my hands are too busy slaving away at shirts and weeds to get them down!

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