fame! glory! youtube! ha!

I don’t usually bother telling band tour stories because they’re usually kind of boring. Not boring to be in, but boring to retell. We drove somewhere, we drank beer, we soundchecked, we drank some more beer, we ate a really good/really bad dinner, we played some music, people liked it, people didn’t like it, we drove home/went to sleep. The details may change, people may like it more or less, the mattresses might actually be rock-hard gym matts in a room full of wasps and rotting socks, but the story line is always the same.

But today I thought I’d say a few more words than I usually do because Obenohneunten filmed our concert at der Bock in Mannheim on Saturday, and now it’s on youtube for me to share with you. So far there are three songs online. Here we come eternal youtube glory. Or something. So here are two of our originals for your listening pleasure.

The End Time Ballad

This is a new song that’s not on the demo, written from the point of view of someone who has survived an oil-crisis crash situation and is sitting around telling her grandkids about what it was like before. And oh man, the saw! I love playing the saw, but I’m no Saw Lady, and whoops in my rush to get set up between verse and saw part I put the microphone right in my way so I couldn’t actually play any of the low notes. Ah well, usually what happens with the saw is that no one can frickin’ hear it, so at least that point was in order for once. Now enjoy some post-apocolyptic tunes:

Two on the Road

This is one of my favorite songs that we’ve written, and the lyrics were something like a present for Katey Sleeveless when she invented friend song present week. You should sing along real loud on the chorus, so let’s practice: “It won’t take long to burn this city down, so let’s rise up, let’s rise up.” Peng peng!

And in case you hadn’t heard Judgement Day is this Saturday. Better get yer knickers ironed, the scorpions are coming. I may not stand by the Bible, but nobody can write apocalypse like Mr. John. See you in hell!

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to the video. It was fun to finally see the girl behind the posts on this webpage. I think you have an especially good voice for the last of those songs. I enjoy everything you post, you got a very nice way of putting things. Please keep ’em coming 🙂

  2. I love seeing your purty little face again. And hearing you speak German like it ain’t no thang still gives me tingly feelings.

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