fame, glory, etc

Yesterday there was an article about me in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung on the first page of the Rhein-Main section. Probably already available in your neighbor’s trash, should you like to take a look.

I don’t think I would like being famous very much. I can barely handle the disturbingly enormous picture of me that accompanies the article. Goodbye any very small chance at anonymity I still had left. Whoops.

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  1. Is there potentially an online version for those of us who are curious yet live in places where German newspapers are not readily available?

  2. Also, who interviewed you? Or at least, who took your picture? What was the article about?

  3. hey: Thanks for searching it. Should have thought of that myself. Boo hiss on it being locked so that those farther away or without newspaper access can’t see it.

    fishinthewater: Well I guess that answers that question. I can send you a paper copy at some point though.

    Jill: A reporter named Alard something or other interviewed me. He contacted me after finding my blog. The article is more or less a short biography of my life, with the focus being on how I now live in a bauwagen and dumpster dive everything I need. The picture was taken by one of the newspaper photographers, I believe his name is Helmut Fricke, should my memory find itself in working order this morning. It is a HUGE picture of me sitting on my bed next to the big fancy pretty window with my computer.

  4. Oh and there is also a picture of somebody else’s wagon with the article, which I found a little bizarre, and which really annoyed the person whose wagon it is. Sigh.

  5. yeah, platzies can get really pissed off if newspapers print what you didn’t want them to. could you post a scan of the article? I am too lazyto dumpster dive paper containers for the FASZ. (crazy abbreviation this newspaper has btw..)

  6. So, I now have a pdf of the article. I am not certain if it is actually legal to post it here. Until I find out, I can email it to anyone interested (when you comment here you can include an email address that only I will see and I could email it there, should you so desire).

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