fall nesting

There is so much to do. Don’t people usually start cleaning in spring? That’s all wrong. As soon as fall’s chilly little tendrils start to work their way into the air I start rearranging things, decluttering, nesting. Bunkering down for winter. When spring arrives I’m too busy sitting in the sun to care about what it looks like inside.

I have a list.  We are leaving on an epic journey in one month.  The things on the list are supposed to happen before we leave.  It is a short list, but involved.  Item one: build Pickles’ bed.  Which, once I got started ripping out the bench that used to dominate that side of the trailer, turned into “finish Pickles’ room.”  Once our kitchen trailer arrives our red trailer will be half our bedroom, half Pickles’ bedroom.  (Putting her in a separate trailer would just mean maintaining another wood stove, being paranoid about the wood stove with her alone at night, and, even more likely, her refusing to sleep off alone in a separate trailer anyway.)

I have been planning this space in my head for months.  Longer maybe.  Had the colors picked out.  Made sure all the little bits and bobs that are always rolling around on the floor would all have a place.  It took four days to make it happen.  Though to be fair, the bed isn’t quite finished.

Consider these pictures a preview of the finished product.  The bed is lofted, and still needs all the “don’t fall out and die” fixtures.”  Maybe this weekend.  But so far Pickles loves it.  I love it.  The Beard loves it.  The trailer suddenly feels bigger, more practical, more homey.  It is almost magical, the way a little change can completely renew the feel of a space.

And the space isn’t the only thing that is changing.  We are on day seven of operation no more breastfeeding.  It is going well.  The nights are hard, but all in all, not any harder than they always have been.  They are harder for the Beard though because now instead of her waking me up and me quieting her with some boob, she wakes up and makes noise and wakes everybody up and only goes back to sleep if you play First Aid Kit really loud on my telephone right next to her head.

And we built a shed.

And the firewood came.

And I stopped drinking coffee.

And Pickles slept through the night.  (Once.)

I’ll be back with more pictures and words tomorrow then, huh?

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  1. Oh wow, she’s getting so grown-up! Totally agree with you on the autumn vs. spring cleaning, by the way. The only thing that needs to be done in spring really is washing the windows. Not that I do mind you, but I do think about it 🙂

  2. Moonwaves: You should see her! She is all huge and talking and it is totally nuts. Haha, when I read the sentence about washing the windows, I was like, wow, I def don’t do that, then chuckled at the last sentence. 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one.

  3. Yes please! (to the back-tomorrow-with-more-pictures-and-words-part…)
    Looks like a LOT happened.

  4. Progress! Things checked off The List! Congrats. I have a bazillion fall tasks untasked: final harvests, putting the garden to bed for the winter, freezing-drying-canning food, last-gasp outdoor chores. And indoor cleaning, rearranging, fluffing (I do that in fall more than spring, too). Looking forward to more pix of your latest handiwork and of the new trailer when it arrives. Also, Pickles is beyond adorable, but you know that.

  5. Aaah sleeping through the night..i still have some vague memories about that 🙂 But she is so cute! You probably forgive her right away the next morning ;)(unless that starts at 6, then after coffee..oh wait you quit coffee..so how do you do that! WOW)

  6. Fine: Weeee!

    Gillianne: Sounds like you have a lot on your list too. GOod luck!

    Mama Anders: Haha, it’s not like I’ve slept through a single night since she was born, so I can’t say I feel that disgruntled about it. And even when she sleeps longer, I wake up automatically when she would have…looks like I need to learn how to sleep through the night myself. And the coffee quitting…ugh. It wasn’t by choice. Bad acid reflux forced my hand. The first week sucked. But my body seems to be making more of its own energy these days…

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