euphoria descends

I have started moving things into my wagon. Euphoria has descended. I have grinned like an idiot. I have sighed like a love-lorn princess. I have hopped up and down while clapping my hands. Pictures have been taken. Objects have been moved from one wagon to another. Exclamation points and cartwheels have been handed out in abundance.

The moving-in chaos:

Now, at the end of this long gauntlet, I find myself reminiscing fondly. “Remember that time it took eights hours to dig out the wheels, and another six to pull it out of that little garden plot??!” Or not so fondly, as the case may be.

Now I lay on my bed and ask myself, can this really be the same structure? Can I really have done all of this work myself? And if I did, are the walls likely to cave in at any second?

More practically, I have also found myself wondering how much money the whole project has cost me. So, for the detail oriented, here’s a breakdown (in euros):

Cost of the wagon: 0
Cost of wagon transport: 75
Hippy insulation (eco hemp insulation): 123.30
Building supplies, tools, and the decadent
light fixture I bought myself for my birthday: 455.84
Building supplies that I probably bought and
then lost the receipts for: 200 (possibly a bit less, at that point I was dirt poor)

What all of this detail mongering means is that I “bought” and completely redid a house for just under 900 euros: a lot considering my dumpster ethic, and nothing at all when I remind myself that I used to pay 300 euros each month in rent on an apartment that was smaller than said “house.” *Opens self-congratulatory bottle of champagne and tips decadently over head.*

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  1. Congratulations Nikki! If anyone deserves it its you! I’m so proud of you… I remember you showing me the wagon last year – think, even less than a year ago – and it had a huge rotten hole in the floor and was super raw and gnarly. And I was like, daaaang. And now, its finished and you are living in it and it looks gorgeous. Wow! (and you have a chandelier)

  2. It’s an absolutely brilliant “house” and you definitely deserve your champagne shower. Fantastic value for money… and a lovely home that you can even take with you if you decide to move! What more could you want! Yay for you!

  3. What a world of difference! I can’t wait to see it in its totally-finished form.

  4. Lark: Thanks! I am of the opinion that everyone deserves this sweet sweet feeling of sweat-wrought success.

    Cathy: I can’t think of anything. Except maybe the fall of industrial capitalism. Haha. But I’ll settle for the house and living happily ever after I think.

    Jill: Me too, sista. That will be a very well documented day, tell you what.

  5. Congratulations. Just linked here from Planet Germany recently and am looking forward to a day when I have a few hours to sit down and read through your wagon story properly. It looks great. Well done!

  6. Thanks Moonwaves! I am planning on posting something with links to the whole story chronologically in the next week, so that should make an eventual whole story reading easier. Thanks for stopping in. Going to go take a look at your blog now… 🙂

  7. congrats,

    me too been moving into my old wagen again. yyyeeessss!! this is the shit!

    enjoy yours, i wish ive had time for renovating at least a bit before moving back in..

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