dust, light, music

These days when I lay in bed looking out of the window, the branch that the little bird lands on to shake off the water from his bath is dotted in tiny leaves. There are seeds in the ground in the garden, the first tulip bloom has burst, and the days of wood stove lighting are long past.

The weekend brought tornadoes: music tornadoes and flea market tornadoes and amazing concert tornadoes. It’s the perfect time of year for thinking and walking, headphones in their place. I wish that music was always free, that all the musician money was in concerts. After Metallica murdered Napster I didn’t bother relearning how to download (free) music.

I have been daydreaming, and as I do, the spring cleaning just sort of takes care of itself. I patch up holes with a borrowed sewing machine and as I sweep out the last layer of dust the setting sun shines in through the picture window. In the middle of a sentence the book falls to the floor. I dream of a library that is a river, capable of quenching my thirst.

What is your soundtrack for spring?

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  1. Here in western Oregon, it is the trickle of rainwater overflowing from clogged gutters (both at work and at home). Spare time has been short these days, but when the sun peeks out I suddenly notice the cobwebs I’ve been living with all winter. I grab a rag and swipe them away quick before the light’s gone again!

  2. Rain, and warm misty thunderstorms enjoyed from the covered back porch *Despite the clattering nervous dog* and the noise the breeze makes coming through the open windows to scatter the papers on my desk!

  3. You should really take an hour and learn how to download torrent files, it’s way better than Napster ever was! You can get whole albums, plus documentaries, movies, and more 🙂

  4. The beep, beep, beep, beep of the bulldozer in the new slum development next door when it is backing up. It never goes forward.
    The roar of traffic on the wind from the busy highway 3/4 of a mile away.
    The roar of lawnmowers and weedeaters everyday.
    We have hundreds of birds and sometimes in a lull in the man made noise you can hear them.

  5. here in spring in the midwest i like the birds, even the screeching crows, and the fussy squirrels. and of course, the pogues. always the pogues in spring.

  6. John: You know, I acutally tried to learn torrents once. I must have just stumbled onto websites that sucked at explaining it, but at the end of a couple of hours I was more confused than before. With computer stuff I learn much better when someone is sitting next to me and showing me. Too bad you don’t live near by!

    Naomi: Last time I checked, Soul Seek didn’t have a version for Macs. Maybe I should check again.

    Spring!! Here the soundtrack of the morning has been rain on the roof, the patter patter of a bird hopping across the metal roof, and the beep beep and slam shabam that is constantly coming from one of the construction sites surrounding our place. Once I get my stereo on, however, it’s been a lot of Bowerbirds, Leonard Cohen, and recently, Ching Ching who do awesome weird caberet-esque stuff with paino, ukelele, and singing saw.

  7. The kid next door starts working on his bike. He likes it all “chopped up” 🙁

    Kidding, birds… lots of wonderful birds of all different kinds. I open my windows and the breeze brings in the soul medicine of bird music.

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