düsseldorf’s jesus wagon

I meant to share these photos alongside the story about playing in Düsseldorf two weekends ago, but I forgot, so it looks like Jesus wagon gets its very own post.

This Bauwagen lives in Düsseldorf, around the corner from the AZ and the super pretty Wagenplatz. It is apparently used by a church and is open once a week as a sort of coffee, cake, and Jesus mission. The street on which it is parked once was a street full of squats. Now it’s a street full of incredibly diversely, brightly painted buildings. One was done like a crossword puzzle, complete with clues. I wonder how often they get vandals who don’t fill in their answers in pencil.

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  1. I like the rather Byzantine Jesus on the first wagon.

    The second one is kind of scary. Not the Jesus, but the lamb.

  2. Yeah, that second picture is especially creepy. You can barely see it, but there’s a big lion painted on the one side as well. I love the weirdness of this wagon. I’d live in it.

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