dumpster find of the week: wheelbarrow, boots, squirrel

In an obvious move, Click Clack Gorilla begins collecting children’s things from the all-giving trash.

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  1. Ah, well done! It is quite gratifying to be able to clothe/accommodate your children without spending actual money. On the downside, it requires quite a finessed storage system for all the stuff that is awaiting use or between children (get this one wrong and you can store something for years only to find it has been outgrown before even being worn/used). Sigh. There’s no perfect answer to this, alas, apart from the endless triageing of Stuff into save/give to friends/charity shop/freecycle piles. It does work most of the time, but there is a Sisyphean quality to it.

    Have fun in your new adventure! It was my youngest child’s dumpstered/freecycled bedroom that you featured earlier in the year, btw. 🙂

  2. Freya: Oh yes, the storage issue. I’m currently encountering it in the form of clothes for me. I don’t want to get rid of anything at this point because I don’t have a clue what size stuff I’m going to need for the next months, let alone what size I’ll end up being after the baby comes. I can already see the underside of my bed exploding with boxes of children’s stuff that I’ve scavenged and am waiting for the kid to grow into or need. Maybe I should start keeping some sort of inventory.

  3. For the coming months: leggings + loose dresses. Most comfy and you can usually wear them post-preg too. Keep all your regular clothes, you’ll shrink back!

  4. yay, beautiful! that wheelbarrow is definitely going to come in handy when the mini-gorilla starts toddling around… is there anything better than gardening with kids?

    also, yes: inventory is a great idea. 😉

  5. boxes with labels marked with season & size are helpful, nice to have a stockpile,

    local wasteful family who has inadvertantly supplying us with clothes,nay entire wardrobes, & books has moved away, I’ll miss them dearly

  6. I’ve been taking a break from the blogiverse for a few months and look at all the stuff that goes and happens while I’m not around. Haven’t managed to read through all of the posts I’ve missed but have gathered enough to be able to say congratulations. Great news. Sorry I missed your tour to Düsseldorf but maybe next time.

    Don’t have any kids myself but based on my older sisters and friends who have had kids, it’s likely you’ll end up wearing more or less the same one or two things during the last couple of months and afterwards you will NEVER want to even see them again.

    I second the boxes marked with season and size suggestion, by the way, remember reading something like that in the Tightwad Gazette before.

  7. Looks like it’s a win for inventory.

    FVM: Yeah, I’m not getting rid of any of my clothes, but that’s the whole problem. I really need to get rid of clothes, but I have no basis to make a decision about what to keep and what not to keep because of the shifting sizing to come. Especially as I had gained some weight just before getting pregnant. IF I do end up shrinking then back to what size? The one that had gained weight? The one before that? A mystery that is making the heap of clothes for me under the bed incredibly unruly.

    Moonwaves: Thanks for the ‘gratis. Things are going to get real interesting round here real soon. Not that they weren’t interesting before. Let’s go with chaotic.

  8. I brought 20+ boxes of hand-me-downs with me from the US (in our container) and I still have about 4 left to use: boxes with sizes and seasons are the way to go and then they are pulled and re-boxed for the little one when the older out-grows them. We have done a great job of actually using up our clothes, which makes me happy as some of them have made their way through 4 kids and have been given to a 5th (that’s not H&M stuff, but LL Bean or Carter, which are indestructible). The problem with that, of course, is storage space. Do you have any, or perhaps someone who can give you a bit of cellar space?

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