dumpster find of the week: the knives

The best knives in my possession all came from somewhere in Asia (numbers one, two, and four from left to right), via the trash across the street. But the trash across the street has slowed down in recent months. Mabye it’s all the rain or all the heat (or the fact that the smell of hot rotting garbages makes me vomit and I’d rather avoid it than dig in it) or the fact that useful trash there was at its most abundant when people were moving out en mass so that rennovations on one of the student housing units could start. But in its hayday, I found all of these knives among the refuse there, and took them home to lovingly slice my vegetables. I especially enjoy how scary I look when holding the cleaver, though I have to admit, I feel pretty ridiculous slicing vegetables with it.

Still looking for reader submissions…

Found anything good in the trash…lately or ever? Send me a picture and a story (nicolettekyle AT yahoo DOT com), and I’ll share your glory with the rest of Click Clack Gorilla.

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  1. whoa, great find, great organizational skills, love that you put up on the wall already,

    no pics, but today I found painting of water lily, put in garden behind real, live plants, guitar instruction books & cds, reusable grocery bag, rinsed & drying, need to sticth up 1 edge

  2. just in my city (Chicago) neighborhood, in the blue recycling bin meant for paper plasctic, cans; some people put clothes in there too, most of my finds are within a few blocks radius since I’m on foot

  3. I have found some great things in my kitchen from the dumpster, freecycle and cast offs from friends. Today I was gifted a 16 speed blender, some pretty red salad plates and 4 nice linen napkins that where still in the wrapping from Home Goods and priced at $12.99. They were from a friend who is moving to Canada and is letting go of things. I can’t wait until she moves and I get here blue leather loveseat and full size bed with a mattress that is only a couple of months old. I know that for a fact because I helped her move it up 4 flights of stairs when she bought it. She says I can also have the bedding and pillows, too. I get a free room makeover from other peoples discards. Sweet

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