dumpster find of the week: scavenging for the kids

Aaah, dumpster diving.  There has been sadly little of it in my life lately, leaving me to live vicariously through the tales of others.  Like this one.  Frugal Vegan Mom wrote me recently to tell me about this crazy-ass toy that her Grandma-ma pulled out of the trash and that her baby loves.  She saw the damn thing a few days later in a store for 45 dollars!  Good job, Frugal Vegan Mom, good job.

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  1. Great find! We had a playtable and my two LOVED it. It was one of the few things that kept them out of trouble for more than 2 minutes at a time, and you can take the legs off them for kids who can’t stand yet to play with.

  2. Great find indeed! We pulled an awesome stroller out of the dumpster right before our San Francisco trip this past summer. We ended up cleaning it up and liking it better than our other umbrella stroller, which we had planned on taking with us. We took our dumpster stroller with us and it was great! http://www.flickr.com/photos/simplybike/7926751342/


  3. Yes, my Nana was very proud of that find! She was over here again today with my mom & aunt and we all agreed if they’re getting Jane x-mas presents, they come from the thrift store. Seriously, who are the people who buy new kids’ stuff when there is SO much just like new stuff available for a fraction of the price?

  4. Fiona: So apparently I should be keeping my eye out for something like this then, eh? And how’s decluttering pre-move going?

    S: Nice one! Wish we had gotten our baby carriage from the trash (though I got it at the flea market for 30 euros, so not a huge thing), as Pickles refused to sit in it for more than a minute. We’re just getting her semi used to the bike trailer (which can also be used as a baby carriage, and a much easier one to steer) finally, and she still does a lot of screaming when we’re riding. Aka we’re always stopping. But that is something I need to write a post about anyway.

  5. Oh right and FVM: Thanks again for the picture! And I just realized that I forgot to add the link to your name. Whoops! Sorry about that. I’m all over the place these days. Anyway, I ask myself that same question constantly. Who are these people buying new kids stuff? Of course somebody has to in order for me to get the stuff second hand, but I am always totally shocked and amazed. I am currently obsessed with this brand here called Haba that makes super awesome good looking wood and cloth kids stuff. They are always totally cute and awesome and well thought out and cost like a bajillion dollars at the store. And I get it all at the fleamarket just for a few bucks. Hells yeah!

  6. My dumpster story: my son needs special “Trennblätter” for his binder. I promised to buy them next time we went shopping. Yesterday at night, I went down to the trashcans and when I opened one, lo and behold, there’s a new unopened set of “Trennblätter” right on top of the pile of trash. How cool is that?
    What I ask myself, why not put it in a box and put it on TOP of the trashcan with a little sign that says “help yourself”? I don’t get it.

  7. I got a swing on the curb before our nina was born and it came with white noise maker. That thing is constantly in use either for the noise when she’s sleeping so we don’t wake her in the next room or to swing her to sleep for her naps during the day. I would have never bought it, but it’s earned my praise.

    I’ve been on the look out for wooden toys at thrift store and not having any luck. I wonder if I try on eBay? Perhaps I’ll have to look at garage sales this spring.

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