dumpster find of the week: pharaoh, pharaoh

“A Cairo teenager found a priceless statue of Pharaoh Akhenaton near a garbage bin after it was stolen from the Egyptian Museum during anti-regime protests, Egypt’s antiquities chief said Thursday,” reported an article on myfoxny.com last week.

Dumpster find of the week indeed! (And many thanks and high fives to the reader who e-mailed me a link to the article.) Upon taking the statue home, the un-named teenager’s uncle recognized it and returned it to, according to the article, “the authorities,” by which I hope they meant “the museum.” (And Harrison Ford’s stubborn Indiana Jones voice echoes in my head: “This belongs in a museum.” Heh.)

The second pharaoh in question, and the one in the picture crowning this post, was found on the streets of Amsterdam, Holland. I occasionally organize concerts in the venue at the front of our Wagenplatz, and two weekends ago we played host to Dagora and Ti Femme. They had brought it along for the ride, taped blue, blinking lights behind the pharaoh’s eyes, and it had become part of their stage set up for what I hear turned out to be a very strange tour.

Speaking of Ti Femme, she’s a dear friend of mine who makes fantastical accordion music, peppered with really fucking great lyrics. I didn’t find her in a dumpster, but she and I spent a good deal of our late nights having baguette sword fights with dumpster dived bread and hopping around in clothing we found in plastic bags behind a senior center once upon a time in college. Though I had dabbled in dumpster diving with my dad as a kid, my career dumpster diving for food began in the passenger seat of her beat up station wagon, which makes her, in some small way, responsible for my dumpster jabbering.

So, if you fancy a little background music while you continue on your merry way, I’ll make it easy for you:

This particular recording lacks the haunting beauty of her voice live (and on other recordings), so by all means, visit her website Unfinished Business and check out her CD.

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  1. An Egyptologist from UCLA came in to my school last week to give a talk about the Cairo museum and the recent vandalism there. I guess 18 artifacts were stolen from the museum, but the vandals took them not to sell them–just to prove a point. The museum authorities are currently scouring all trash bins and dumpsters surrounding the area.

    On that note, are you guys sure your Pharaoh head isn’t a treasured artifact? 🙂

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