dumpster find of the week: know your onion

I was happy to find an e-mail in my inbox a few weeks ago titled “onions.” I love onions. I love ’em raw, and I love ’em cooked, so much so that I have one tattooed on my leg. Mmmm. Full of vitamins and super powers, I say. And this e-mail was about dumpster diving some of that juicy yellow, white, and green gold.

This week’s dumpster find is from a reader from…well, she didn’t actually say. What she did have to say was this:

“The co-op is usually a bastion of reduce reuse recycle but I still occasionally, as a volunteer, find myself breaking down boxes for the recycle dumpster or throwing an odd bit of trash away. Possibly by accident it was that I found an unopened bag of what looked to be dead onions. They were the expensive organic kind.”

“Experiments I have done with scallions have shown that onions are very hardy. I have found that even the deadest-looking onions can revive when put back in dirt. It’s like they’re magical! See what I mean? The attached photo shows that all the onions in the bag came back to life within a week of planting. Hooray! ”

“Oh and if it’s not obvious what I will do with my find, I will harvest and eat them!”

Good call. Seems to me the only thing better than getting food out of the dumpster is getting a plant or a plant start that will continue to feed you long after the dumpsters have gone. I’ve never planted the onions I’ve dumpstered (need to get on that someday, then again it all depends on the time of year when you find ’em), but I have found tulip bulbs and more spice and herb plants (usually basil) than I could carry home. Any of you ever dumpster any plants?

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  1. Never dumpstered any plants, but I may or may not be plotting to dig up some parts of gorgeous plants growing around a big empty foreclosed house in my ‘hood. At night, under cover of darkness, of course.

  2. I’ve never dumpstered plants, but I often dumpster planters! all my planters are dumpsters (and some of them are old plastic 5-gallon square buckets that cat litter came in, from my parents, who came up with the cat-litter-container planter idea themselves). I also have some really lovely “curb score” planters (i love when you don’t have to go in the dumpster but can just trundle along with your little red wagon of glory.)

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  4. Found a bucket full of bulbs once. Had no idea what they were but planted them allover my garden. When spring came I had a sea of red and yellow tulips. Also have phloxes and pansies from the flower shop’s trash that grow back every year. And all plants in the house are rescued from bulk trash.

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