dumpster find of the week: even more wooden boxes

I may have mentioned that I have a thing for old wooden boxes. Though I didn’t end up having space for these in my wagon this rennovation around, I’m holding onto them for the day I do. Attached to the wall, they’d make some pretty sweet little cabinets.

The box on the bottom left I found in the Frankfurt Sperrmüll (big trash left out on the curb). The shiny box crowning the pyramid came from the university big trash corral and remains, rather unfortunately, locked. (Time to learn lock picking.)

The slate gray box on the bottom right came from an abandoned school building in Mainz. (The same building in which I found these shoes.) Inside that box are first aid items dated 1934:

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  1. Too bad you don’t live closer, I’d give you one of these. I’m pretty certain I’ll use them at some point, but until then, they’re just gathering cobwebs in my shed.

  2. The antique medical supplies are just so cool! I wonder if you could sell them on eBay?

    I love the wooden box on top, and the fact that it’s locked makes it so mysterious. Does it have anything in it?

  3. That medical box is a real treasure. I collect all sorts of wooden boxes too. Recently I gave a plain Jane wooden cigar box to a friend. He makes stringed musical instruments from them…picture a funky hillbilly looking guitar.

  4. I love that medical box. I have a thing for boxes of any size, my mother has started to gift me antique ones. Love your blog.

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