dumpster find of the week: chocolate lovers eat your hearts out

This week’s delectable dumpster find comes from a Montreal dumpster diver with a side of hilarious. This is what Nokizaru had to say about his dumpster diving roots, and that time he turned a dumpster into his own office/fine foods distribution center…

“I’m from Brooklyn, NY and originally came to Montreal for school but dropped out and am currently studying permaculture design. I downloaded Evasion during my first year while cruising the internet for information relating to evasion, escape, and parkour. I didn’t think much about it, and it sat inside my computer for a while until I actually started reading it, after which I immediately decided I wanted to eat trash, steal from Walmart, ride trains, and hitch hike (I’ve done three out of four of those things at this point).

“The next year I found a map of Montreal’s (documented) dumpsters and convinced my roomie at the time that looking through trash would be much more fun than finishing his physics homework. A few weeks later I had completely phased out all bought foods except cooking oil and spices. After that, patches magically began appearing on my clothing, I somehow got a bicycle, started showing up to Food Not Bombs, and experimenting with polyamory. Maybe I kinda threw myself at ‘radicalism’ or ‘alternative culture’ or something…

“As for the picture, well one night I went dumpstering alone and came upon a locked dumpster that we usually sneak into, so flashlight in mouth I wriggled in, only to land on a pile of boxes of handmade chocolate and fancy sauces and a ridiculous amount of dip. I took off my bag and filled it but realized that I didn’t have nearly enough room to carry it all back to the house.

“Not wanting the the chocolate (and the other things but to a lesser degree) to stay in the dumpster I called a nearby house from inside the dumpster (oh the conveniences of having had a phone) and told them to come with bags and knock on the dumpster. After passing boxes of chocolate out to my friends and making sure no chocolate was left behind I wriggled back out and we all walked back to the house to do whatever it is people do when they find free chocolate. ”

Hell’s yeah! I love imagining Nokizaru sitting in the dumpster, making phone calls, and then waiting for his friends so he can hand out the finest of fine chocolates, sauces, and dips. And somehow, I am reminded of Robin Hood, taking chocolate from the trash of the rich and distributing them to the fine folks of Sherwood Forest. He writes stuff about dumpster diving, bikes, and being an “anarcho-ninja punk” on his blog Everywhere Is a Playground.

As for the book Nokizaru mentions having inspired his dumpster beginnings, it’s a mighty fine tome that I recommend anyone interested in dumpster diving and fringe culture pick up. Written by an anonymous author, Evasion follows the life of a teenager who decided that, no, he really doesn’t want to get a job, and who sets out to figure out how he can live without one. He squats, dumpster dives, shop lifts, and invents mad-cap scams to get the soda machine to give him change. Some rumors have it that he is actually an amalgamation of many people, and other rumors have it that the book really was written by one guy, and that said guy is currently doing time somewhere. I guess we’ll never know either way.

As always, if you click on the link and buy the book, I’ll get a cut. But, also as always, your library will probably be more than willing to order (or interlibrary loan) a copy for you if you fill out a request form. Or you could buy the book right from the source on the CrimethInc Ex-Workers’ Collective website.

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