dumpster find of the week: carseat, stroller

I’ve been cleaning out my shed to make room for the baby carriage—until now parked in a spot where it wasn’t completely covered and was getting hit with leaves and the occasional rain and bird poop—which has meant I’ve been carting things over to the trash across the street. Most of it was stuff I’d gotten there in the first place and, despite my best efforts, hadn’t ultimately found a use for: a rather ugly cabinet, a beautiful wooden box/potential cabinet that I never managed to get open, some stray styrofoam I didn’t end up needing for the insulation.

Last night on my very last trash run I found this:

At first I had been thinking that we wouldn’t really need a car seat. After all we don’t own a vehicle, and we rarely ride in cars. But, then I realized, duh, Black Diamond tour. Because the next time we go on tour little Peanut will be coming with us (along with someone to babysit while we’re on stage). So now that we have the car seat, any one want to give us their seven-seater van?!

And while we’re talking about dumpster-dived kids’ stuff… Almost six months ago I also found this stroller (pictured below), which will be a nice light-weight alternative to the transformer warrier (the thing can fold into so many different shapes it’s ridiculous) carriage that will be Peanut’s main ride.

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