dumpster find of the week: bikevision, trashvision

It’s spring, which means people have started doing spring cleaning which means the trash is piled high with all the stuff that has been re-categorized as junk for 2011. There have been clothes and there has been furniture and today there was even a two-foot-tall terracotta Buddha. And here I am, not having taken a single picture of any of it. Go figure.

But! Dumptser find of the week marches stoutly on without me. This week I got an e-mail from James of Bikevision with a bunch of pictures of his latest dumpster booty:

On top of all the stuff you can see in the pictures (and, by the way, that picture with all the red wire is of two complete sets of surround-sound speakers), he found a bunch of workout supplement vitamins, a fleece hat, a tube for a bike tire, window tint, and chocolate caramel crunch pop corn. And once again we can all bow our heads in silence at the startling fact that there is nothing left in this world that we won’t throw away. Even if it’s in perfect condition. Especially if it’s in perfect condition.

“This was one of my better scores,” James told me. “Add in the tote full of old collector Nascar items that I found at the curb just a few days ago and I’m ready to get a table at the local flea market.”

It sounded like James scavenged a lot, so of course I wanted to know how he got started. “Been dumpstering for as long as I can remember,” he told me. “When I was a young boy my family and i would go dive the local college dumpsters at the end of the year. We would get some great stuff. My grandfather ran a second hand store and we would take a lot of it there to sell, so it was pretty much a whole family affair.”

“As a young preteen my mother, grandmother, and aunt worked in the food trailers selling food at the local stock car track. My brother and I would walk below the bleachers picking up cans, at 10 cents a piece. Most race nights we could bring in at least $50 a piece in cans.”

“As I got older and it got harder to fit under the bleachers we started selling popcorn, cotton candy, and other stuff walking up and down in front of the bleachers. How I miss those days. I don’t dive much anymore but am starting to get back into it again. I forgot how fun it can be to find good stuff for free. I have no problems stopping along side the road for some scrap metal or anything that catches my eye.”

Anyone else been scavenging spring cleaning discards?

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  1. Around here May 1st is moving day, I’m going to try to pack my stuff up quickly before then move in for a few hours on my bike and spend the rest of the time finding free things everywhere!

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