dumpster find of the week: baby tub

And you thought I hated that color. Well, I do. But when I went out to take out the trash and found this baby tub and (umm, what do you call these things? ummm…) toilet trainer seat thingy, I shrugged and took them home. There are a number of baby tubs lying around the Wagenplatz that would have worked just fine as well, though many of them were a little on the big side, and none of them had a drain plug in the bottom. (Note to self: do not get cocky and use inside the trailer where it is bound to somehow come open and flood everything.)

What have you found in the trash recently?

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  1. 5 loaves of rye, 2 pumpernickel, 2 whole wheat and 3 fancy whole grain loaves ive never bought because theyre so expensive. That and a box of cookies, a pumpkin pie, and 3 angel food cakes. I can’t open my freezer anymore. That was my first dumpster adventure ever. Clearly not the last.

  2. Looks like a potty to me. Let’s wait and see how many other names people use for it. I’m frequently astonished at how word I always thought were the only word for something were actually just what my family/school/town/country said.

  3. Def. a potty! And they look pretty new! We had a little baby bath like that with a plug in it, and had no problems as I recall. But with the lovely weather coming in you might be able to use it outdoors! How is she enjoying bathing these days? Any better?

  4. Audrey: Oo la la, sounds like a great find.

    Moonwaves: I keep thinking there is some weirdo specific name for it that I can’t remember…

    Fiona: Yeah, she still hates bathing. And I keep thinking about your last comment–bathing every day??!?! That sounds INSANE. We aim high for once a week at the moment. And she’s due for one now. Maybe this will be the time she discovers that she loves water…

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