dumpster find of the week: and the kitchen grows

Despite frequent trips to The Trash Across the Street, I haven’t found much in the way of memorable booty of late. (Though a particularly perfect blue metal pot does come to mind.) So instead I’ve focused on coaxing plants out of the ground, reading in the sun, and cleaning up the chaos that had sprouted between my walls while was I gazing off into space behind my computer.

Monday, mid cleaning spree, Doktor Karl knocked on the door. She had a peice of furniture for me, she said, if I wanted it. “Oo!” I said. “I’ll come take a look.”

What she was getting rid of was this pretty wooden cabinet, making room for another during her own spring cleaing and rearranging. “I went through a lot of trouble to get it here,” she told me, “so I wanted to make sure that somebody was using it.” In my excitment I forgot to ask where it had come from, but she had implied that it was the fruit of one of the estate clear outs where she once worked.

I told her I would take it, and we carried it across the Wagenplatz and into my trailer. “I thought about hauling it over to the trash so that you could find it yourself, get that scavenger adrenaline rush,” she joked. But I have to say I prefer the convenience of a direct delivery, fun as a good scavenge can be.

And what perfect timing. When I first moved to Mainz, I was part of a communal kitchen that we lovingly call Hell (here are some photos). Once upon a time Hell was a kids’ wagon with a slide leading down from the loft where we now sleep our guests into the main room. And, though I have a hard time believing it, one of the walls appears to be designed to flip down on hinges into a little deck.

But these days Hell is a cold, drafty place. A place where the vegetables freeze in their drawer in winter, and only several hours of roaring fire can even begin to take the chill out of the air. The beams are rotting, and despite a bit of re-siding and re-insulation last summer, it’s impossible to keep warm once the summer has waned. Yes, it has happened. Hell has frozen over.

This winter I evacuated to the tiny kitchen in my own wagon, and found myself starting to enjoy cooking again. It is very important to me to be surrounded by beautiful things and to have a kitchen arranged to make my life as easy as possible and my miniscule kitchen was just that. So now the Beard and I are contemplating giving up on hell and turning my wagon into a full-fledged kitchen, and his living wagon into a full-fledged bedroom. Which means there will be some flea market shopping in my future (attention dumpster gods and gods of the flea market, I need a gas-stove that has hook ups for bottle gas), some building, and some new rennovation-story blogging.

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  1. The cabinet is great, nice router work on the edges. Looks sturdy too. Free is so wonderful!
    Your yellow walls look really good with the red enamel ware.
    Good luck at the flea market.

  2. That piece is GORGEOUS! What a lucky find! If you ever decide you don’t want it feel free to ship it to the US for me, lol.

  3. Wow- that really does fit out your kitchen nicely, doesn’t it?

    Do you really want to get stuck on bottle gas? can you cook on your wood stove in the winter? Maybe look into rocket stoves for the summer; you can make one yourself (I know you can) and cook on twigs. At some point, I want to make one for outdoor summer cooking. I have a propane stove, but I’d rather save that for when I need to can something that takes steady high heat for extended periods of time. A rocket stove will last long enough to cook dinner just fine. I also want to make a solar cooker, but I have so many projects lined up right now, it may not happen until the end of the summer, and maybe not then.

    I’m just hoping for a solution for you that doesn’t have you depending on someone supplying your fuel when I know you can figure out something more clever than that. Besides, you live in Germany. Those people are geniuses!

  4. Three cheers for pretty free furniture!

    Paula: I often cook on my woodstove in the winter, but I’m actually already hooked on bottle gas (which we use in Hell and all the other kitchens around our place for that matter). When the world as we know it ends, I’ll just go right on cooking on my woodstove (or drag one of the several wood stoves meant for cooking into the wagon that are laying around our place), but for now I’m grateful for the convenience of the gas stove. Should we ever end up with an old farm house with a big kitchen, I want to get one of those big beautiful woodstove cooking monsters/beauties.

    As you might be able to see in this picture, at the moment I’m cooking on a little electric hotplate, which is really frickin’ stupid. Need to get back to cooking with fire asap. I’ll look into the rocket stoves though.

  5. Ooh! What a great and pretty find. It’s like it was made for that corner. If I ever end up in your neck of the woods, we’ve gotta go scavenging together. 🙂

  6. It’s wonderful…and I LOVE Dumpster Diving. This is amazing…
    And, soon I will post MY find at DD…awesome

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